Make Ends Meet: Insulation

Soon there will be a chill in the air that will then send us seeking ways to keep warm and that too can break the bank.
Published: Aug. 12, 2022 at 6:51 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - It has been a summer of record heat across the country leading many to seek new ways to stay cool without busting their budget on air conditioning.

Soon there will be a chill in the air that will then send us seeking ways to keep warm and that too can break the bank.

One option you might not have thought about is the insulation of your home.

The non-profit North American Insulation Manufacturers Association (NAIMA) is working hard to offer valuable information and cost-saving tips to homeowners all across the nation.

Stacy Fitzgerald-Redd, Director of Marketing and Communications, says many families are literally letting money slip right out the window or gaps of their under insulated home.

“Nine out of ten homes are under insulated,” Fitsgerald-Redd said.

The Coronavirus pandemic initiated more home improvement projects than ever before. For many, home was not only where we lived but also where we worked.

Fitzgerald-Redd stresses while you are looking to make your home a more comfortable place to be do not forget about the insulation. Greater energy efficiency means lower energy bills.

“It is something that will save you money, make your home more comfortable and importantly it helps reduce carbon emissions,” Fitzgerald-Redd said. “That’s really important for protecting the environment.”

The benefits are not new but as we face record high inflation many families are working hard to make ends meet.

“It helps slow the flow of heat,” Fitzgerald-Redd said. “It slows the flow of heat out in the winter and in, in the summer. You’re gonna save more money and you’re gonna be more comfortable in your home.”

Start with an energy audit.

The audit will provide you with a complete electricity consumption and energy efficiency assessment. With this information, you can identify and correct any energy usage issues to cut electricity costs.

“What you’ll learn from that energy audit is whether or not you need to address some critical issues in your home,” Fitzgerald-Redd said. “Air seal and insulate your attic. As much as 25-30% of the energy in your house escapes through the attic.”

If heated or cooled air is escaping due to poor insulation and or air leaks, you are also losing money and if you have thoughts of putting your home on the market you may not get a premium price for your home.

“Homes that are more energy efficient tend to sale for more money,” Fitzgerald-Redd said.

If you are already doing upgrades in your home even if it is just cosmetic, that is a perfect time to not only check but upgrade your insulation. It not only saves you money, but good insulation reduces the amount of moisture in your home. That excess moisture can bring problems like mold, allergic reactions, and problems for asthmatics. If you want to check for drafts or leaks yourself, you can buy a battery-operated hand-held leak detector online at or your favorite hardware store.

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