Family continues search for Andrea Knabel 3 years after she went missing

Andrea Knabel’s family was able to trace where and when she last walked the night she disappeared.
Published: Aug. 12, 2022 at 10:23 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - To honor and remember Andrea Knabel, her family will be walking the same route the same time when she went missing.

Knabel was last seen in Audubon Park on August 13, 2019.

Andrea Knabel’s family was able to trace where and when she last walked the night she disappeared.

Saturday will mark three years since Andrea Knabel disappeared. Even though that fateful day gets further and further away, it hasn’t gotten any easier for her family.

“This very dark three-year anniversary of her missing really haunts us, and has been all week long,” Mike Knabel, Andrea’s father said. “We really haven’t been feeling very good this week about this because it’s such a long time.”

The family has a few events planned for the anniversary of her disappearance.

On Thursday night they had a live event on their Facebook “Where is Andrea Knabel.” Friday night, the family walked the path she walked on the night she disappeared.

The family is having a private mass on Saturday, followed by a public candlelight walk event.

“We’re inviting the public at 8:30 (p.m.) to meet us (at Audubon Park,) and we’re going to attempt to do a candlelit walk through the path that Andrea walked in,” Knabel said.

Three years later, there’s still no signs of Andrea, but her family isn’t giving up.

“You stop when you get a reason to stop, and we have no reason to stop,” Knabel said. “And we aren’t planning on stopping any time soon.”

These kinds of events are still leading to tips and leads.

Knabel said someone just reached out to them. He thinks it’s because someone saw the Facebook Live on Thursday.

“And has came forward and wants to speak to Erin and I,” Knabel said. “And we’re going to gladly meet with her very soon and see what she has. It was incredibly important.”

The last three years have been filled with tips and sightings all of which have been dead ends.

Knabel said in the last five weeks alone, there’s been five so called sightings of Andrea. It’s led Knabel to become a little cynical, but he still checks every single one.

“I’m racing down I-71 to downtown Louisville, because a person has my daughter at a gas station right by Churchill Downs and we’re going to meet him there in 15 minutes,” Knabel said. “You’re racing down there looking into the sun, could this really be your daughter? It excites you that it could be.”

If you’d like to help or stay updated on the search for Andrea, you can follow “Where is Andrea Knabel” on Facebook.

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