Breathitt Co. hosts first football game since flooding

Breathitt Co. hosts first football game since flooding
Published: Aug. 19, 2022 at 6:19 PM EDT
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BREATHITT COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - The high school football season kicks off Friday night.

For Breathitt County, it’s a special feeling after their field and equipment were destroyed in last month’s flood. Just three weeks ago their field was under several feet of water. It was the second time in about 16 months the field was flooded and equipment was damaged.

The Bobcats have been through a lot, just like many in the community. Governor Beshear toured the damage just days after the water went down there. The first time the governor saw the field, it was in a flyover, and he was shocked to see it on the ground.

“We would be up to water at our necks right now. all the equipment, the trophies, everything our players need to get through. All of their helmets, everything. Covered in mud,” said Stephen Bowling with the Jackson Fire Department.

The team, like many in Breathitt County, has suffered tremendous losses from the floods. Not having a season was ever an option.

“We have players that don’t have homes, we have players that don’t have vehicles or ways to get around. This is a way just for a little while to say, we’re going back to normal,” Bowling said.

The field is still muddy in places, and parts are not really useable. But it doesn’t matter. This game, this season, are happening.

“We really wanted to get this game ready. there were some questions a couple weeks ago if we could pull this off. When we first started we had a little doubt if we could pull it off, but as every day progressed we thought we could do this for the kids and the community,” said Breathitt County High School Principal Charles Davidson.

“For a few moments, you’re just involved in that. You don’t have to think about the world, and the mud, and smell and all those other things,” Bowling said.

A moment to take a breath, and celebrate the touchdowns.

“Just be good to see our community come together. Just to be able to socialize and talk to people we haven’t gotten to check on or see,” Davidson said.

Earlier this month we showed you the team practicing at Madison Central when they offered their facilities for the team to practice. The team was surprised with gift cards, and assistant coach Casey Allen was gifted a car after his was destroyed by the flood.

Breathitt Countians are excited to have something to cheer about, and our crew at the game said you can feel the excitement in the air.