JCPS bus delays impacting student’s attendance

Brylyne Adcox's bus has been on time only once
Published: Aug. 24, 2022 at 3:08 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Two weeks into the school year, JCPS is still trying to solve its bus driver shortage.

The district’s bus delay website shows some buses are running up to 90 minutes late.

One family has had enough.

“The bus is supposed to pick him up at 6:34a.m., the first day it picked him up on time, but every day since then, he’s not been picked up till quarter till nine,” said Laura Adcox whose grandson attends Newburg Middle School.

Under the light of a crescent moon, JCPS buses begin picking up students heading to middle and high school. But her grandson Brylyne Adcox’s bus is not one of them.

“We got an email saying for the rest of the week we won’t be picked up till 8:45,” said Laura.

Instead of sitting in the dark, waiting, he goes back in. He eats a second breakfast with his brothers who are waiting for their bus to go to elementary school.

“Soon as I eat breakfast and I get to school it’s lunchtime already,” said Brylyne.

The long delay means Adcox is missing science and math. He’s frustrated.

“I have to figure it out by myself because I don’t have time to go to the class and she can’t teach it to me because my bus is late,” said Brylyne.

JCPS said it has more bus drivers in a training pipeline. It hopes to have more on the road after Labor Day to get 44 routes back on time. Some of its buses are delayed up to 90 minutes.

JCPS said that teachers at Newburg Middle School are meeting with students affected by the late buses to help them with any schoolwork they might have missed.

“We’re very strict about doing your work, and he’s worried about getting bad grades,” said Laura.

While Brylyne’s brothers wait for their bus after the sun comes up, Laura gets a text from the school. Another bus is running behind schedule.

“1768 is running an hour and 15 minutes late,” said Laura.

At least it’s someone else’s bus. They leave for elementary school nearly an hour before Brylyne’s bus arrives. 8:55. He’s late again.