Southern Indiana homeowner reacts to flooding devastation over the weekend

Officials in Jefferson County, Ind. confirmed one death and multiple homes damaged in Saturday night’s flash flooding.
Published: Sep. 4, 2022 at 11:22 PM EDT
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BENNINGTON, In. (WAVE) - Communities in Southern Indiana are starting to repair the damage left behind by floods.

Jefferson and Switzerland counties in Indiana got the brunt of the storm.

“We’re finding stuff, have no idea where it came from, but it’s here,” Jerry Seal said. “Our stuff that was here is gone. Somebody else’s rolled in.”

Jerry Seals watched the water rise from his front porch. Everything packed and ready, just in case they needed to escape and get to higher ground.

Seals has lived here for 50 years and said he’s never seen anything like it.

Now, he’s living off a generator.

“When it let loose, it let loose,” Seal said. “I imagine most of my stuff is down the Ohio River somewhere.”

He took pictures from his porch. The water rose and swallowed his trailer.

The pictures also show a blue car getting swept away and it would eventually be found two miles away.

“Campers, trailers, cars, a couple trucks, a little bit of everything,” Seal said. “Dog houses, didn’t see no animals thank God. No people, but a little bit of everything.”

Drive down the roads in Bennington there is more damage. Houses torn apart, power lines on the ground and bridges still overflowing with water.

Seal is grateful that no one in his neighborhood got hurt.

But not everyone was so lucky.

As of Sunday, one woman was killed after her home was swept away. Four other people were missing but have since been found.

The tragedy has brought out the good in people.

“It’s the good part to see people help. People care,” Seal said. “It makes you feel like somebody cares about you.”

Seal said people have been going around making sure everyone is alright.

He didn’t go to sleep until 4:00a.m. Sunday and was back up by 7:00a.m. to go out and help in any way he could.

Seal says he was told it’s going to be “awhile” until things are back up and running again.