Bill Dieruf calls for Louisville to release preliminary DOJ findings; city says there are none

Dieruf accuses the city of trying to provide political cover for his opponent Craig Greenberg
Published: Sep. 13, 2022 at 5:53 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - In just 11 days, voters can start requesting absentee ballots for this fall’s elections.

A key issue in the Louisville mayor’s race is the ongoing justice department investigation into Louisville Metro Police Department.

Republican candidate Bill Dieruf wants the city to release everything it can about the justice department’s investigation into LMPD.

He accused city leaders of denying voters critical information.

Dieruf wants votes, period.

But he believed the DOJ report will be very damaging to the city, and he accused the current administration of trying to provide political cover for his opponent, Craig Greenberg.

“They know this report from the Department of Justice will be damning, damaging of their leadership and that of their predecessors,” Dieruf said.

In the shadow of Metro hall and standing where protesters demanded justice for Breonna Taylor, Dieruf demanded the city release much more about the upcoming justice department report before the election.

“There is more of what needs to be done, and they’re aware of what needs to be done, so they’re trying to protect themselves at this point,” Dieruf said.

Dieruf said Mayor Greg Fischer is trying to provide political cover for his opponent, Greenberg. He said that’s why there’s been a sudden media blitz from the city about LMPD reforms.

“They waited until they got caught allowing these systemic problems to continue that should have been addressed long ago,” Dieruf said.

LMPD said it’s working on 150 reforms. About 37% have been completed, and another 47% are in progress.

WAVE asked LMPD and the mayor’s office if they have been given any preliminary findings of the DOJ investigation.

“LMPD has not received any information on preliminary findings of the DOJ’s Patterns and Practice investigation,” the mayor’s office said in a statement. “The Department of Justice will release their report when they are ready to do so. We have not seen the report or any findings, and as has been shared with the public, the Mayor and the Louisville Metro Police Department have not waited on the Department of Justice to begin implementation of 150+ accountability and improvement measures.”

Greenberg’s campaign manager said Greenberg is out of town Tuesday attending the Kentucky Labor Management conference. He will be holding his own event Wednesday.

Dieruf said his reforms, if elected, will include bringing his current police chief with him to LMPD. While he would not say he would make Rick Sanders chief, if elected, he would have the power to replace Chief Shields and install anyone he chooses.

Dieruf said he will follow any agreement between the city and the justice department and made a promise.

“I would follow the law, I will not tell my officers not to follow the law,” Dieruf said.

It is not known when the DOJ investigation will come out, but there are 11 days from when absentee ballots can start being requested, and 44 from when the first in-person voting begins.