Thieves steal plants, furniture from porches of several houses in Russell neighborhood

A man and woman are caught on camera stealing plants and furniture off the porches off four homes in the Russell neighborhood.
Published: Sep. 19, 2022 at 10:25 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A man and woman were caught on camera stealing plants and furniture off the porches off four homes in the Russell neighborhood.

Minnie Wilson has never had luck with growing plants, so she was proud of the Coleus plant she had managed to grow.

On Sunday morning she noticed that the plant that she had put so much time and effort into growing was missing.

She checked her security cameras, and couldn’t believe what she saw.

“This is brazen,” Wilson said. “This is like porch pirates on steroids.”

In the video, a car can be seen driving down the street. It stops, and a woman gets out and walks past Wilson’s house.

She walks up to Wilson’s neighbor’s house and takes their hanging planter.

As she walks back to the car, she noticed something on Wilson’s porch, her potted plant.

“So we’re at the end of summer and my plant was lush and beautiful and big and healthy,” Wilson said. “And it’s just like a gut punch.”

The story would be strange if it ended there, but it doesn’t. After getting help from a man to put her newly stolen plants into the car, she goes back for more.

She takes a couple of tables and seat cushions from more neighbors.

“I’ve never seen anything like that because it was a bright, sunny morning,” Wilson said. “Suns up, bright, and they were just really relaxed and casual like they were shopping at Walmart.”

The footage showed the car filled to the brim with stuff. The woman pulls out another plant and just throws it in the street to fit the new stuff inside.

“I’ve lived here for 20-plus years, and I’ve never seen anything like that before,” Wilson said. “It’s just amazing.”

Wilson said this kind of brazen theft is new in her neighborhood. She’s talked to LMPD and filed a police report.

As for whether she’s going to try and grow another plant, she said she’s not going to let the thieves win.

“I might buy a heavier pot, you know maybe one of those big concrete jobs, but I’ll have plants next summer,” Wilson said.

This summer Governor Beshear signed a bill into law that makes porch pirate thefts a felony. And while the thieves did steal things off of the porches, the law only applies to mail matters such as packages and letters.