StormTALK! Weather Blog 10/24

Published: Oct. 24, 2022 at 10:48 AM EDT
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Quiet today with near-record warmth possible. Current record is 82° set back in 2010. I think we’ll get close.

The main front moves in Tuesday Evening as a low pressure moves basically up the Ohio River. The timeframe we are looking at is in the 5pm-8pm window with a band of showers/rain and perhaps some thunder. However, this system will be missing some key ingredients that would have made it much more of a beast to deal with in terms of damaging winds and tornadoes.

As of this morning, those key factors are still missing. So the plan for now is to expect a period of showers and wind and a bit of thunder.

Rainfall totals are going to vary of course. But some lucky ones could get .50 to 1.00″ on the higher end.

I think we will have many more reports of just .25″ to .50″

Not enough to make a major dent in the drought but it would help ease the fire concerns for a bit.

The video goes into more detail!