4 Louisville Walgreens stores closing in November; where customers will move

Some customers said the closures will make it more difficult for them.
Published: Oct. 25, 2022 at 4:07 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - By Thanksgiving, Walgreens will have closed four of its Louisville stores.

One of the locations the drug store chain plans to close is in Downtown, the others are in the Taylor Berry, Beechmont, and Pleasure Ridge Park neighborhoods.

Walgreens said patient’s pharmacy files will automatically transfer to the nearest Walgreens.

The four locations closing are:

  • 200 E. Broadway on Nov. 17
    • Patients will transfer to 990 Baxter Avenue.
  • 700 Algonquin Parkway on Nov. 14
    • Patients will transfer to the store at 3980 Dixie Highway.
  • 4149 Taylor Blvd. on Nov. 7
    • Patients will transfer to 5201 South 3rd Street.
  • 7500 Terry Rd. on Nov. 9.
    • Patients will transfer to 3980 Dixie Highway.

The change will cause some to rethink their commute.

“It really makes it difficult on people like us, senior citizens that just don’t go too far away anyways,” an anonymous senior shopping at the Beechmont Walgreens said. “We are losing so many stores here in the South End. This is such a fast world today, that we are in. That, you know, you just have to be cautious about everything.”

”This is a main bus route, like so many buses go up and down this street and that connect to everything downtown, like 6th Street, 4th Street - everything like that,” customer Hana Priddy said. “And people get off here, get something to drink or like go into get groceries, and then can just walk 50 feet to get right back on the bus.”

Metro Councilwoman Nicole George represents District 21. Her district includes the Taylor Blvd location.

”I’m concerned about what it means for the neighbors of Hazelwood, Beechmont, Iroquois, who perhaps don’t have transportation. Who are dependent on medications and essential items that they get from Walgreens, and what that will be for them,” George said.

She says she is also aware of an uptick in crime inside the store, and other stores across Louisville.

”A lot of retailers have a policy that says that when someone comes into their store, their employees do not in any way prevent someone from walking out the door,” George said.

A Walgreens spokesperson responded in a statement:

“As we expand as a leader in healthcare, we are focused on best meeting the needs of patients and customers in communities we serve by creating the right network of stores in the right locations. When faced with the difficult task of closing a particular location, several factors are taken into account, including things like the dynamics of the local market and changes in the buying habits of our patients and customers, for example.”

The pharmacy said customers will also be notified about any changes, details, prescriptions and other services.