Breonna Taylor’s mom sponsors fundraiser opposing judge who signed warrant on daughter’s apartment

Tracy Davis is running against Judge Mary Shaw, who signed off on the no-knock warrant LMPD officers obtained on Breonna Taylor’s apartment.
Published: Nov. 1, 2022 at 11:43 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - For the past two and a half years, Tamika Palmer vowed to fight for her daughter Breonna Taylor.

That fight took her to the streets of Louisville, the state capitol in Frankfort, and eventually to Washington D.C.

On Tuesday night, Palmer continued her fight in the political arena, partnering with longtime Louisville Metro Councilmember Denise Bentley to sponsor a fundraiser for Tracy Davis.

“Everybody knows what happened March the 13th (2020) with Breonna,” Palmer said. “But the more you learned about the story and the more you learned what parts people played, you had to know why those people did what they did, or how did they end up in those positions and not care about the job that they were doing.”

Davis is running for Circuit Court Judge in Division 5 against incumbent Judge Mary Shaw.

Shaw is the judge who signed off on the no-knock warrant on Taylor’s apartment in 2020. Officers served that warrant, and in the process, shot and killed Taylor.

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Palmer said she’s still confused as to why Shaw gave the warrant her stamp of approval.

“I never got an answer personally through her, but to know that those officers sought her out for a reason,” Palmer said. “They said they sought her out, because she would not do the work to make sure those warrants were valid.”

Though Palmer may never get some of the answers to her lingering questions, she said she needs to keep fighting.

And right now, that means dipping her toes into politics.

“I’m still standing,” Palmer said. “I haven’t given up. I’m still raising a Breonna. It’s so many more Breonna’s to come. So I learned that I have a placement in the community and I have a job to do.”

WAVE News reached out to Judge Shaw’s secretary and requested a comment.

Shaw’s secretary said Shaw could not comment because of the possibility of being called in for a federal case on the matter.