Louisville Urban League welcomes new president

Louisville Urban League welcomes new president
Published: Nov. 2, 2022 at 6:12 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Dr. Kish Cumi Price will succeed Sadiqa Reynolds as the President and CEO of the Louisville Urban League.

After seven years of creating significant growth and community impact, Reynolds announced her departure from the league in July. Dr. Price is now the second woman to lead the organization in its 101-year-old history.

“It is really our charge to help the black community and those at the margins and socioeconomic equality status,” said Dr. Price. “We didn’t get to this place of a racially polarized city overnight. This has been a continually problem, and it has been exacerbated over the past two years. Our goal is to highlight and amplify why bridges are necessary and why we need more connection between the communities to get to a better place.”

Dr. Price hopes to build more unity through education, encouragement, and action. She hopes to not only continue the work the league has done but elevate it for the future. She explains if more people interact with the Urban League, they may be able to understand and see issues plaguing marginalized communities.

“It can be frustrating when you lived through this stuff and experienced racism on a daily basis,” said Dr. Price. “When people say it’s not relevant or not happening, that’s hurtful and painful. It impacts your spirit. It shows how you go to school and work. We must understand the impact this has on everything, education, work force, and justice system.”

Dr. Price shares the goal of the Louisville Urban League is to empower and change lives. She hopes to encourage more people to use a power they already have.

“Use your voice. Vote. We really want people to go out and vote,” said Dr. Price. “Understand that the predicament we are currently in, the injustices we have seen in this city have a lot to do with the voting process. People who are showing up at the polls are not. We are encouraging people to go out and vote and express their choices.”

Dr. Kish Cumi Price began her duties on Nov. 1, 2022.