FBI investigating Hardin Co. deputy accused of punching man during traffic stop

The incident, which happened around February 2021, was captured by what appears to be a cruiser’s dash camera.
Published: Nov. 16, 2022 at 12:18 PM EST|Updated: Nov. 16, 2022 at 12:19 PM EST
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ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. (WAVE) - The FBI is now investigating an incident involving the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office for possible civil rights violations, WAVE News Troubleshooters have learned.

The incident, which happened around February 2021, was captured by what appears to be a cruiser’s dash camera.

The video shows a man, Joshua Tyler, pulled over, with his driver door opened. He is seen with his hands up in the air before he is grabbed and pulled to the ground by a deputy.

The deputy is then seen punching the man repeatedly in the head area. It is unclear where the man’s hands are at the time and the exact moment he’s cuffed.

The video was posted on social media by Tyler’s sister, Katie Tyler.

The family is now looking for answers.

The Tyler family was told Joshua resisted arrest on February 6, 2021 after he took law enforcement on a high-speed chase.

However, after receiving dashcam video from their attorney, they want the video to do the talking.

”Just hearing him yell and scream help, and how much it hurt, that’s hard,” Joshua’s father Joe Tyler said. “He literally got out the car with his hands up like he was told and got on the ground, and then boom, bam, thank you ma’am, he’s getting beat up on the ground by three grown men,” Katie said.

The Tyler family said their heart dropped after receiving the video of Joshua’s arrest from their attorney, 19 months after being told no video existed.

Joe and Katie both posted the video on social media to get some help.

”I’m getting a little emotional right now thinking about it, but it’s just going and going,” Katie shared. “So I’m thinking in my head if I have to play it in my head all day, I feel like somebody should see it. I feel like somebody should know.”

The FBI confirmed they are investigating the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office for the incident with our WAVE News Troubleshooters.

Katie said she wants to make sure these type of incidents end with her brother.

”It could’ve not just only been my brother, it could have been other people who... and granted he is no saint, he might have been wrong, yes,” Katie said. “But that’s not their job to assert dominance. It’s there job to protect and serve. And once he was on the ground cuffed, it should have been it.”

After Joshua was arrested for the high speed chase, his father Joseph said they didn’t hear from him for three days and that his mug shot came out 12 days after he was booked.

”When you have two cracked eye sockets and your face is swollen up like that, it didn’t look like my son,” Joe said. “Every time I looked at him in that picture I cry, and I don’t like crying.”

The family is now just focusing on making sure Joshua has a fair chance at justice.

”We don’t know where this is going to end or how it’s going to go, but I just hope for some justice for my son,” Joe said.

The FBI’s Public Corruption and Civil Rights Task Force is reviewing the incident.

“FBI Louisville is aware of the video and is evaluating the facts and circumstances of this incident,” the Bureau’s Chief Division Counsel told WAVE News Troubleshooters. “The FBI opens hundreds of civil rights cases each year, including investigations into color of law violations. This is a responsibility FBI Louisville takes seriously, and we will address this matter accordingly.”

WAVE News is working to gather more information and has reached out the Hardin County Sheriff’s Office for comment.