Hardin County woman gets another driver’s RiverLink bill after license plate mix up

License plate mix up has Hardin Co. woman paying the bills
Published: Nov. 15, 2022 at 11:35 PM EST
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A license plate mix-up has one Hardin County woman footing the bill for another driver. Now she’s driving in circles trying to figure out how it happened.

Jasmine Via bought a new car in August. She’s been waiting for her license plate to come since then, but there’s been no sign of it.

This week, she got something in the mail that solved that mystery, but also kicked off a new one.

“I got something in the mail from RiverLink with toll fees, and I have not crossed the bridge,” Via said.

Via owns a white 2020 Buick. That’s not the car that showed up on RiverLink’s cameras on Sept. 14 and 15.

“It was for like a blue Nissan Sentra SR I believe,” Via said. “Obviously not my car.

She searched the license plate on the blue Nissan, and to her surprise, it came back as her car.

So how did her license plate end up on someone else’s car?

“I also noticed that their car had the same decal from the dealership that I also bought my car,” Via said.

She called the dealership to tell them about the mix-up.

“They just said that unfortunately there’s no way to look up who has the Nissan without the correct license plate to that car or a VIN number,” Via said.

Via said they told her that they don’t know how the mix-up happened.

The dealership has ordered a new plate for Via, and once it comes, it’s going to be the only plate linked to her car.

That means whoever drives the blue Nissan will have a voided plate.

“If they get pulled over or anything, it’s going to be void,” Via said. “It’s going to be an empty plate and I just don’t want anybody to get in trouble for having a license plate when it wasn’t their fault.”

Now she’s searching for the owner of the Nissan.

“I’ve called the dealership,” Via said. “I’ve called the Sheriff’s Office to see what they can do, I’ve called the registration office to see what they could do. It’s all been a dead end.”

Via has also posted online, hoping to find the Nissan’s owner to try and get everything sorted out.

As for her RiverLink bill, she’s disputing the charges and expects them to be dropped.

RiverLink spokesman Ed Green sent WAVE News a statement.

“RiverLink can’t discuss specific details of customers’ accounts or invoices. RiverLink makes every effort to ensure tolling invoices are sent to the correct owners of vehicles that cross tolled bridges. Our system uses license plate numbers to verify owners, but changes in vehicle ownership or incorrect tags on vehicles can cause billing discrepancies.

The dispute process allows customers to provide the necessary documentation for RiverLink to waive incorrect or unwarranted tolls/fees. Customers with disputes can visit a walk-up center or contact a customer service representative at 855-RIV-LINK for assistance.”