Woman accuses ex-husband of spying on her, her daughter and posting pictures online

A once happy family now destroyed by claims of severe violations of privacy.
Published: Nov. 23, 2022 at 11:36 PM EST
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A once happy family has been torn apart by claims of severe violations of privacy.

Adriana Posey and Jason Wilkinson were married for 16 years. She said it’s a marriage that lasted longer than it should have because of their two kids.

Once it did end, it got messier than Posey could’ve ever imagined.

Looking at photos, you see a nice loving family. And, for a while, they were.

The couple had a son and a daughter.

Adriana Posey already had her daughter when she married Jason Wilkinson. Her daughter was just one year old when the two got married, and she grew up thinking Wilkinson was her biological father.

“He always treated her as his own,” Posey said. “Never showing a difference between her and our son.”

However, the bond between Posey and Wilkinson deteriorated. Eventually they got divorced.

“I thought that we could have a good relationship because of all our history and our kids,” Posey said.

Posey was wrong.

In 2019, her daughter was sent a picture of an Instagram profile that had posted a disturbing image.

“The screenshots show a picture of my daughter in her room halfway naked,” Posey said. “And we didn’t know who took it or where it came from.”

Posey said they called LMPD, but were told since no one forced their way in, they couldn’t do anything about it.

Only her, Wilkinson, their son, their daughter and her boyfriend at the time had access to her room.

Posey said it was easier to believe it was her daughter’s boyfriend.

But soon after that, the now ex-boyfriend led them to another suspect.

“He reached out to me and told me somebody on Instagram sent him personal pictures of me,” Posey said. “And it was only pictures that Jason had.”

She confronted Wilkinson and threatened him with the only thing she could.

“I was going to let my daughter know the truth,” Posey said. “My daughter did not know that Jason is not her biological dad.”

He denied everything, so she let things go for the time being.

After the divorce, Posey bought a new house and took the kids with her. She allowed Wilkinson to come over at times to see them.

One time, their son told Wilkinson that their Wi-Fi was slow, so Wilkinson offered to install a Wi-Fi extender.

However, that’s not what he set up.

“He set up a nanny camera in my room,” Posey said.

For over a year, Wilkinson is accused of taking pictures and videos of Posey, including her most private moments.

“He took pictures and took videos of me and my new husband,” Posey said. “And he shared to I don’t know how many people.”

One of those people sent a video of Posey and her husband to her daughter.

Posey called police again. They found the camera, and this time, Wilkinson was arrested.

He was charged with video voyeurism and distributing sexually explicit images without consent.

Posey said she begged him to cooperate with detectives to prove his innocence, but according to her, he said no.

“To an extent, I understand that he did it to me,” Posey said. “But not to my daughter.”

Wilkinson was in court this week and our cameras caught him. Once he noticed us, he immediately left the courtroom.

Posey said he’s being charged with misdemeanors instead of felonies.

“When I spoke to the prosecutor and I asked her why the felony charge was dropped to a misdemeanor, she said it wasn’t enough evidence,” Posey said.

Posey said prosecutors told her if convicted of the misdemeanors, Wilkinson would be sentenced to home incarceration and probation.

For her, that’s not enough. She wants to go to trial.

“I want him to look at my kids while they show all those things,” Posey said. “All the things he said about not just me, but my daughter.”

Posey said it’s not so much about the pictures, but more about what he said about her and her daughter.

“At some point, he said something about I was having sex with my own daughter,” Posey said. “Those are the kinds of things that are in my head. Those are the kinds of things that I have to live with.”

She said he took an innocent picture of her daughter swimming and twisted it into something perverse.

“The things he said along that picture, it’s things that things that are in my head,” Posey said. “Things that my daughter saw. Things that we don’t understand how and why he did that to her.”

Eventually Posey did what she threatened to do. She told her daughter the truth.

She told her Wilkinson wasn’t her biological dad.

“She told me she understood why I didn’t tell her before,” Posey said. “She told me it doesn’t matter who her dad is, as long as I’m her mom.”

Posey says she can’t stay in hotels or Airbnb’s without thoroughly checking everything. She wanted to share her story for any other person who might be going through a similar thing.

She said if you are, it’s not your fault.

As for Wilkinson, he’s set to be back in court in January.