Man films two wrong way drivers on the same off-ramp one year apart

Frank Bui gets off I-71 at the Crestwood everyday. He’s filmed two different wrong way drivers driving up the same off-ramp a year apart from each other.
Published: Dec. 1, 2022 at 10:26 PM EST
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Frank Bui gets off I-71 at the Crestwood everyday.

He’s filmed two different wrong way drivers driving up the same off-ramp a year apart from each other. The most recent one was Wednesday night.

When we heard about this happening twice to the same person, our first thought was maybe there’s a problem with the signs in the area or poor lighting.

So we went out there to see for ourselves. Turns out, it’s just a case of bad driving.

At the bottom of the off-ramp you’ll see wrong way, do not enter and one way signs. Driving down the ramp, there’s plenty of street lights.

There’s also no median on the road that might be mistaken for a left-turn lane.

And yet, you might find yourself face-to-face with someone else’s headlights.

“I’m like, no man. You need to stop,” Bui said about the driver on Wednesday night.

“Lo and behold, there’s this vehicle that is swerving around other cars to get up the ramp. The off-ramp. Which is wild,” Bui said.

Bui says there was about ten cars in line to get off the freeway. They all had to move over to avoid being hit by the car.

“I’m looking in the rearview mirror and the sideview mirrors just to see how far he actually makes it. And he’s maybe one or two cars passed me now and he’s realized ‘oh no. I am going the wrong way,’” Bui said.

That’s when the driver made sure to put on his blinker and turn back around.

“To me, it feels like for awhile he probably thought, ‘why aren’t these cars giving me enough space in my lane?’” Bui said.

This isn’t the first time Bui has been in this situation on that same off-ramp. He recorded another car doing the same thing a year ago.

“It was just me going don the ramp I believe, going down the ramp and I’m almost at the end about to turn onto the road, where this lady, I’m met with another vehicle who’s almost about to hit me, wanting to go up the same ramp,” Bui said.

Bui says this driver didn’t make her way all way up the ramp. She turned around immediately.

“Oh I could see her face immediately. Like ‘ah!’ Like ‘oh no!” Bui said.

Bui doesn’t have an answer to why this has happened to him not once, but twice.

“I feel like maybe the signs could be bigger maybe? But traveling passed that area all the time, there are indicators saying wrong way. There are signs there that say don’t go this way.”

Bui’s biggest takeaway in all this is the importance of having a dash cam. Not just to catch unusual things like this, but to protect yourself just in case things do go wrong on the road.

Wrong way driving is a problem that’s becoming all to common on the interstates, highways, and roads in our area.

Drivers going the wrong way, sometimes with tragic consequences, like the deadly crash on I-65 near the fairgrounds that killed one man and injured two others this summer.

The Kentucky Transportation Cabinet has received five million in federal funds to prevent wrong way crashes.