Louisville charities battle food insecurity, housing crisis

One dollar could be the difference between a meal and going hungry. Louisville charities are seeing more people hungry and homeless.
Published: Dec. 4, 2022 at 7:25 PM EST
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Louisville charity organizations are finding ways to feed people’s hearts and stomachs while shedding the light on issues plaguing neighborhoods.

Feed Louisville started three years ago in response of community needs during the pandemic. The organization provides 700 meals each day for those in need.

“Food is the first connection we are able to make,” said Kamar. “From there, we can find an individual’s needs and connect them with those resources. Many times, a person gets a housing voucher and can’t get a house because of being unsure of the resources or process.”

The kitchen staff of eight and 12 outreach coordinators believe the bigger issue is the need for affordable housing. In the last month, Feed Louisville secured housing for fifteen individuals.

“Any person that is homeless is food insecure,” said Rhona Kamar, Executive Director of Feed Louisville. “We have also seen where people are housed and also food insecure.”

Thousands of Louisville residents don’t qualify for SNAP benefits and are forced to make decisions between basic human rights and needs.

“They are literally making choices,” said Vincent James, President and CEO of Dare to Care. “Do I get medicine or food? Do I get gas in my car to go to work or food for my family? We want to take that choice away and give food for them.”

Feed Louisville partners with other organizations, like Dare to Care to help more individuals and families have a hot meal.

“We work with great partners to not only provide food, but also teach people how to cook food,” said James. “We will continue to think of innovative ways to address food insecurity.”

Both Feed Louisville and Dare to Care work with local restaurants to eliminate food waste. Restaurants donate extra servings of food that would have been thrown away. The food is re-purposed and turned into new meals for those in need.

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