Troubleshooter: Video shows “graveyard dirt” belonging to mother accused of killing her son in demonic ritual

Troubleshooter: Video shows “graveyard dirt” belonging to mother accused of killing her son in demonic ritual
Published: Jan. 3, 2023 at 6:58 PM EST
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WASHINGTON COUNTY, Ind. (WAVE) - Newly released video offers a clue before a 5-year-old would be killed in a satanic ritual, according to police.

The now-gut wrenching moments include the child interacting with a South Carolina deputy after his mother, Dejaune Anderson, allegedly took police on a chase.

“I lost my toy,” the boy, now identified as Cairo Jordan, told the deputy. “You lost your toy?” he answers back, trying to calm him.

“At least, can I at least stay with my son?” Anderson asks before being arrested.

Anderson is now the same woman currently on the run. She is suspected of killing her child thinking he was a demon. Her alleged accomplice, Dawn Coleman also in the car as shown in the video.

“We got the baby,” Coleman told police. “Please, you’re scaring him.”

This newly released video of a chase in South Carolina was one month before the boy’s body would be found in a suitcase in Indiana woods.

“Hey bud, how old are you?..... Where are your shoes at?,” the deputy asked.

You can also hear Anderson seemingly concerned about her son.

“We’re sorry we scared you, honey,” she said.

A Troubleshooter Investigation would later discover Anderson’s posts and tweets, praying to the devil.

It helps explain another bizarre part of the chase video when a deputy finds a bag of sand in the car.

“What is this?” the deputy asked.

“It’s graveyard dirt for my rituals is all it is,” Anderson replied.

“Graveyard dirt?,” the deputy asked.

“Yeah, it doesn’t hurt anyone,” she said. “It ain’t going to do nothing but give you a curse. That’s about it. I don’t do drugs.”

“Well, I ain’t trying to curse no one, OK?” the deputy said back.

That video would be one of the last where Cairo is seen alive.

Police believe Coleman, who claimed to be his aunt, was there when the child was killed and helped dispose of his body.

She is now charged with murder among other charges, while Anderson has managed to continue evading police.