Prosecutors: Domestic abuse led to fatal shooting in Madison parking lot

Video shows the victim was beaten with brass knuckles after being shot
Police said text messages between the one of the suspects and another man showed they wanted to paint it as a self-defense case.
Published: Jan. 4, 2023 at 2:23 PM EST
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MADISON, Ind. (WAVE) - New details have been released from the Jefferson County prosecutor on what led to the deadly shooting in the Madison Precision Products parking lot.

According to documents, a child and his mother fled the scene of a fight just before a man died on Dec. 29.

Christian Kennedy and his cousin, Matthew Redd, are both charged with murder in the shooting of Justin Hall.

On Wednesday, WAVE News obtained documents telling a more accurate story of what happened.

Just before 11 a.m. on Thursday, police were called to the Madison Precision Products parking lot saying a man shot someone in self-defense, according to the documents.

Jefferson County’s Sheriff’s deputies were on the scene of the shooting within three minutes of the call.

The deputy found three people in the lot standing around a truck: Kennedy, Redd and another woman.

The arrest affidavit said Redd told police upfront his sister was dating the victim, and that she was inside the building with her son now.

Redd talked about Hall having a domestic abuse case involving his sister, which police later confirmed happened in DeKalb County.

Police said Kennedy and Redd followed Hall from a grocery store in Versailles to the factory parking lot to confront him. Hall, his girlfriend, and his girlfriend’s son were in one vehicle, while Redd and Kennedy were in the other.

Redd told police his intention was to intimidate Hall.

Deputies obtained footage from the factory to see what happened next.

In surveillance video, the woman is seen immediately leaving with her child into the business. Hall got out of his car, but stayed in the parking lot.

Redd and Kennedy are seen stepping out of the vehicle, and Kennedy is shown pulling a gun right away at Hall.

Hall is seen throwing the first punch, striking Redd in the face. Kennedy is then seen shooting Hall, according to the probable cause affidavit.

Redd then starting punching Hall in the face after he’d already been shot. The rest of the surveillance video showed Redd ditching something in a nearby snow pile, which police later found was a set of brass knuckles he’d been using to hit Hall.

An ISP detective was able to obtain messages sent between Redd and another person talking about what he was planning to do about Hall.

The texts said Redd planned to have his cousin (Kennedy) show up and say the killing was done in self-defense, and that he planned to help cover for him because he served in the military.

The second message was sent just an hour later, stating Hall had gotten out of jail and his girlfriend went to pick him up at a Louisville bus station.

Redd claimed Kennedy had “a trunk full of guns” and could “get away with using deadly force.”

A third text message from Redd told the person what he planned to do after alleged threats and violence from Hall.

Both Redd and Kennedy admitted to police they’d attacked and shot Hall.

The two were arrested at the scene and charged with murder and intimidation with a deadly weapon. Redd was also charged with obstruction of justice.