Zoneton Fire District recognizes members at annual awards dinner

On Saturday evening, some 30 Zoneton Fire District members were honored for accomplishments...
On Saturday evening, some 30 Zoneton Fire District members were honored for accomplishments made during 2022.(Zoneton Fire Protection District)
Published: Jan. 8, 2023 at 4:33 PM EST
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - On Saturday evening, some 30 Zoneton Fire District members were honored for accomplishments made in 2022.

According to a release, the Zoneton Fire District had two new and prestigious awards for the dinner: the Rob Orkies Leadership Award and the Garry Key Leadership Award.

These awards are presented in memory of two longtime Zoneton members who died in the line of duty. The awards are to recognize those members who have demonstrated leadership abilities throughout the year.

The recipient of the 2022 Rob Orkies Award is Chief Kevin Moulton and the recipient of the 2022 Garry Key Award is Firefighter Donen Wallace.

According to the Zoneton Fire District, the Recruit, Firefighter and Officer of the Year Awards are based on peer nominations. This years recipients are Recruit Alex Key, Firefighter Chris Bischoff and Captain Dustin Headley.

The CPR Life Saving Award is presented to members who provided emergency medical care to a person who wasn’t breathing and had no pulse. The patient must have had a “Return of Spontaneous Circulation” (ROSC) and been transported to a medical facility.

Several members received the CPR Life Saving Award, they are as follows (”x” denotes how many times a person received the award): Firefighter Greg Burton, Major Tim Cockeril, Captain Steven Corbin (x2), Sergeant Matt Dachille (x4), Captain Nick Dachille (x3), Firefighter Brandon Irvin, Deputy Chief Tracey Key Firefighter Jarred Meadows (x3), Firefighter Landon Milliner (x3), Sergeant Keith Montgomery (x3), Firefighter Wayne Mosley (x2), Firefighter Jake Parker, Firefighter Travis Riley (x3) and Firefighter James Yates.

According to a release, Zoneton responded to 1,439 calls for both Fire and EMS assistance. Members who responded to the greatest number of calls were recognized through the Exceptional Fire Run Attendance Award.

The members who received this award are Firefighter Terry Maurer, Major Tim Cockeril, Firefighter Sean Creed, Firefighter Daniel Costigan and Sergeant Matt Dachille.

The recipients of the Exceptional Training Attendance Award are Firefighter Billy Perez, Captain Randy Vincent, Firefighter Sean Creed, Firefighter Dusten Howton, Firefighter Wayne Mosely, Sergeant Keith Montgomery, and Sergeant Joey Allen.

Zoneton Fire District also recognized those with several years of service under their belt. Those members are as follows:

25 Years of service: Chief Kevin Moulton and Battalion Chief Dan Johnson.

15 years of service: Sergeant Joey Allen and support team members Patrick Orkies and Sarah Johnson.

10 years of service: Firefighter Greg Burton.

5 years of service: Battalion Chief Ricky Carlson (Jr.), Firefighters Tom Spalding, Jarred Meadows, James Yates, Donen Wallace, Chief Engineer John Vickers, Support members Sherry Carlson, Rich Carlson (Sr.) and Gilbert Amshoff.