Case of man tased to death in jail featured in New York Times documentary

In 2018, Jarod Draper was tied to a chair and tased seven times after swallowing meth. He died...
In 2018, Jarod Draper was tied to a chair and tased seven times after swallowing meth. He died after the final tase.
Published: Feb. 1, 2023 at 11:49 AM EST|Updated: Feb. 1, 2023 at 11:55 AM EST
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HARRISON COUNTY, Ind. (WAVE) - The death of a man in an Indiana jail who was strapped to a chair and tased until he died is getting national attention.

The New York Times premiered a documentary Tuesday on the final moments of Jarod Draper’s life.

Draper was in the Harrison County Jail while being suspected of ingesting a bag of narcotics. Despite signs of distress, Draper did not receive medical help until it was too late.

Surveillance video obtained by WAVE News Troubleshooters exposed Draper being strapped to a five-point restraint chair and tased seven times. The video showed the taser being placed over his heart at times as Draper screamed in agony unable to move.

The video also showed the nurse stepping on Draper’s bare feet.

The documentary aims to shed light on the incident.

The documentary titled Safe Place by filmmaker Sam Mirpoorian, features parts of the Emmy-winning investigation conducted by WAVE News Troubleshooter Natalia Martinez. The short film also includes an interview with David Beyer, a former FBI agent and private investigator, and Larry Wilder, a local attorney.

“It is important for the world to see what can and does happen when there is a total abandonment of humanity in the justice system,” Wilder said. “These atrocities happen every day in every corner of our country, and it won’t stop until the majority of Americans understand that this can happen to any one of us or anyone we love and care for.

Draper had no history of violent offenses. He’d struggled with drug use after suffering the loss of close loved ones and later, his sister.

Draper left behind a young daughter.

No one involved in the ordeal has been charged. WAVE News Troubleshooters obtained documents showing Harrison County Prosecutor Otto Schalk declined prosecution before a thorough investigation took place.

Indiana State Police confirmed they did not conduct an investigation into Draper’s death. Schalk also had not referred the case to the FBI to be screened for possible civil rights violations.

The FBI is aware of the case, but so far have declined to confirm or deny an investigation.

To watch the documentary, click here.

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