Meet Kumar Rashad, the new Louisville Metro Council District 3 Representative

From Breckinridge Metropolitan High School Math Teacher to Louisville Metro Council's District 3 seat, meet Kumar Rashad.
Published: Feb. 3, 2023 at 7:06 PM EST
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - After two separate days of interviews, the Louisville Metro Council has decided who will fill the vacant seats left behind after Keisha Dorsey and David James both resigned.

Kumar Rashad will represent District 3 and Phillip Baker will represent District 6.

For Kumar Rashad, sitting in a district seat for Louisville Metro Council has always been a goal of his and now that he has a seat at the table, he hopes to change the way people look at District 3.

For Louisville Metro Council’s newest members, their new title came faster than they ever expected.

In a matter of minutes, both Phillip Baker and Kumar Rashad were voted into their new positions and then sworn in.

A moment Rashad said made him hold back his emotions.

“I was conflicted because on the inside I just wanted to scream and just yell and just be happy about it but you know I was in a room full of folks who wanted the position just as much as I do,” Rashad said.

Rashad is a math teacher at Breckinridge Metropolitan High School, serves as a board member for JCTA and was an Alcohol Beverage Control Officer Administrator for Shively City Council.

Now, he covers a small district that includes Shively. Adding to a resume he feels makes him fit for the position.

“My work really speaks for itself and just the relationships I’ve been able to build with others along the way,” Rashad said. “People just know I care about people.”

Rashad said people can expect him to be responsive and available as District 3′s Councilman and as you might have guessed from his teaching background, he wants to ensure the youth are looked after.

“One thing that has really been on my mind all morning is activities for the kids and students to do,” Rashad said. “We have a community center in Park Duval but I would like to see one a little bit more near Shively.”

Councilman Rashad said he’s poised to take on a role he said he can’t wait to step into.

“I’m almost overwhelmed with the positive reactions I’m getting from family, friends and colleagues and I’m anxious to get on the ground and do this work,” Rashad said.

Councilman Rashad is filling this seat until November but plans to run for election to fill the spot for a full term.