Phoenix Hill shooting that sent a man to the hospital captured on doorbell camera

A Ring doorbell camera shows at least four young men rushing into a home and shooting inside, sending a man to the hospital.
Published: Mar. 2, 2023 at 6:55 PM EST
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Footage of Monday night’s shooting in the Phoenix Hill neighborhood was caught on a doorbell camera.

That shooting is now one of almost 50 non-fatal shootings to happen in Louisville and the third in the Phoenix Hill neighborhood this year.

The string of events is showcasing what seems to be a much bigger problem here in the city that nowhere is deemed safe anymore.

“We’ve never seen it at this level before with the kind of volume and the thrust behind it,” 2X Game Changers Executive Director Christopher 2X said.

Violent Crime has been on an unprecedented pace the last few years with Louisville seeing 27 homicides so far in 2023 already.

While Monday’s South Clay street shooting was non-life threatening, these moments can be life changing.

“These are life changing injuries and so with that said, the volume of the individuals being impacted by these shootings whether fatal or non-fatal has been horrific,” Christopher 2X said.

In the Ring camera footage WAVE News obtained, you can see a young man checking his surroundings and signaling his friends as he knocks on this door on South Clay Street.

Shortly after, someone opens the door and at least four people try to make their way into the home and then shots were fired.

A baby can even be heard crying in the background.

No one has been arrested, but Christopher 2X said this reckless behavior is due to a mindset that is hard to change from ages 18 to 30.

“That’s why you’re probably having so many redundant shootings in such a reckless way,” Christopher 2X said. “They feel no consequences and it’s hard to turn that mindset around once they get to that specific age group.”

If you think these crimes are isolated to certain areas, Christopher 2X said his research shows otherwise.

“This is no longer a poor community issue anymore,” Christopher 2X said. “I just noted a few minutes ago that these shootings are occurring in all eight LMPD divisions now at different levels.”

While the question remains why the youth are choosing violence, Christopher 2X said for some, this lifestyle is something that’s hard to get away from.

“The attractiveness and the magnetic pull of street life which is attached to the reckless gunplay is something that sometimes the public can’t even fathom to imagine how powerful that magnetic pull is,” Christopher 2X said.

Now while it might sound like there’s no hope, Christopher 2X said he’s very optimistic things can get turned around, but it has to start with educating the youth that there’s more to life than the streets.