Family tries to de-escalate situation that led to triple shooting in Jeffersonville

Family tries to de-escalate situation that led to triple shooting in Jeffersonville
Published: Mar. 20, 2023 at 11:41 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A triple shooting in Jeffersonville Sunday night left two people injured and one dead.

Before the shooting started, Jordan Drake tried to de-escalate the situation. His efforts were unsuccessful.

Drake was able to take cover inside, and that’s where he and his family watched their neighbor die, right in front of their garage.

There was no sleeping in that apartment Sunday night. After police spent hours investigating the scene, the image of their neighbor taking his last breath stayed with Drake, Faith Benningfield, and Nicky Drake.

“A verbal altercation got physical and then from physical, they started shooting,” Jordan said.

Jordan said the fight was between his neighbors.

“I was trying to defuse the situation, and I wasn’t successful,” Jordan said. “But I tried. Unfortunately, someone lost their life.”

The fight nearly spilled into their home.

“[Nicky] yanked me sideways into our apartment because they were about to fall into me,” Benningfield said.

“Into our apartment and I just wanted to shut the door and avoid that happening,” Nicky said.

That’s when the family went inside and took cover. And that’s where they watched everything unfold.

“I never dreamed that they would bring guns out and start shooting each other,” Nicky said.

They could see the body from inside their house. They all reacted to the situation differently.

“I legitimately cried for like three hours,” Benningfield said.

“I think I was in low-key shock for a while,” Nicky said. “We were in the middle of cleaning up, and [Jordan] just couldn’t do it. He just started pacing.”

They watched as two guns were found by police.

“One was in the bush and one was buried,” Nicky said. “They brought a dog in to find them. I watched it all from inside the house.”

Almost a full day later, they’re still having a hard time coming to terms with what happened.

“It never really hits you until the time you go to call that person, or you needed them or need to ask them a question, and you can’t now,” Jordan said. “That’s when it hits you.”

They said the whole situation is something that didn’t need to happen.

“It’s so quiet out here today,” the family said. “It’s usually loud. He’s usually out here clanking with his truck, yelling at his brother, going back and forth in his truck. All day long you’d hear him coming and going. Not today.”

Police said this was a focused attack and everyone involved knew each other. They say it was an isolated and directed event, so there’s no threat to the public.

One person was arrested for battery and disorderly conduct.