Indiana judge denies motion to dismiss case against woman charged in death of boy found in suitcase

Dawn Coleman, arrested in San Francisco
Dawn Coleman, arrested in San Francisco(ISP)
Published: Mar. 21, 2023 at 8:12 PM EDT

WASHINGTON COUNTY, In. (WAVE) - A Washington County, Indiana judge denied the motion to dismiss the case against the woman charged in death of boy found in a suitcase.

According to court documents, Dawn Coleman and her attorney Ryan Bower filed a motion asking the court to dismiss the case against her in Washington County.

Coleman is being charged with aiding, inducing or causing murder, neglect of a dependent resulting death and obstruction of justice.

Bower argued that Coleman is being charged in Indiana where Cairo Jordan’s body was found but Cairo’s murder allegedly happened in Kentucky and his body was left in Indiana.

According to our sister station WTHR in Indianapolis, the judge decided that because the body was found in Washington County they have jurisdiction. The court stated that there has not been any dispute with other jurisdiction about who has priority or if Washington County is the correct place for the case to be heard.

Court documents stated that Coleman’s case could be dismissed in the future but only if prosecutors fail to present sufficient evidence and right now, the court said, it’s premature for it to dismiss the case.