‘I Can’: Movie inspired by southern Indiana family premieres in Corydon

'I Can', a faith-based movie on the true life of a Southern Indiana Family, had it's first movie premiere Sunday.
Published: Apr. 2, 2023 at 11:57 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A story of perseverance.

Last summer, WAVE News told you about a new-faith based movie was being made about the true story of a Southern Indiana family.

Sunday night, the movie titled ‘I Can’ premiered for the first time in Cordyon, Indiana where it was filmed.

The story shows Katelyn Pavey’s path to being a high school softball standout at Lanesville High School and impressively doing so after being born with half of her left arm.

Just one year ago, the movie “I Can” was just a possibility. But after 18 days of filming and some movie magic, the story of Katelyn Pavey and her family had their first premiere.

“It was a story on how I was conceived,” Pavey said. “It was a story on how no matter what your sins are or if you think it’s a big sin, our God is a redemptive God and God will turn that sin into one of your biggest blessings.”

The blessing for Pavey is being able to play college softball at Kentucky Christian University where she is playing her last season and inspiring others along the way.

A story of redemption her pastor and movie director Tyler Sansom felt needed to be told.

“Everyone has dealt with guilt from their past and in our culture forgiveness and shaming seems to be pretty relevant,” Sansom said. “And so, this story specifically now is one that needs to be told so that anybody knows that they can overcome any obstacle.”

While the story is based on Pavey’s life, she is also in the movie.

Danner Brown plays Pavey in the movie and Katelyn is her double in all the sports scenes.

However as Brown was portraying Pavey’s story, Brown said she learned lessons to apply to her own life.

“I’ve definitely taken her message into my own life and just applied it and it’s really inspired me to live everyday for God and focusing on my relationships more,” Brown said.

Pavey is now hoping the movie has a similar impact on those in a similar situation as her.

“It’s for a greater purpose and I hope and pray that this movie can help others if they’re going through the same thing and can help them find and follow Jesus, which is the main point of the movie,” Pavey said.

The movie is set to release in theatres across the country later this summer.