Make Ends Meet: Medicaid coverage changes

The entire world was different during the Covid-19 pandemic including enrollment provisions made for those who could not afford health care.
Published: Apr. 7, 2023 at 8:17 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - The entire world was different during the Covid-19 pandemic including enrollment provisions made for those who could not afford health care.

Medicaid provided continuous enrollment thanks to enhanced federal funding. With the health emergency now dwindling, the money for continuous Medicaid is also diminishing.

To navigate this change in health care the first thing you want to do is update your contact information with the state- home address, phone number and your email. It is crucial the state has the correct contact information, and they can get to you.

Dr. Darrell Gray, Chief Health Equity Officer at Anthem Blue Cross, and Blue Shield, shared that in KY, 243,000 individuals risk losing their Medicaid coverage, and as many as eighteen million across the country.

“A recent survey was conducted, and it showed that 60% of people are unaware that they could be losing their Medicaid coverage,” proclaimed Dr. Gray.

During the pandemic, the federal government provided critical health care support for families in the form of Medicaid through the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

”Typically, it undergoes renewal or review of eligibility annually,” explained Dr. Gray. ”As we are emerging from the pandemic states again are now reviewing eligibility. Many people could be at risk of losing coverage via Medicaid insurance. "

Dr. Gray stresses those who no longer qualify for the government sponsored health insurance will now need to shift to other forms of health insurance to make sure they are covered and those who do qualify “must also pay attention” to retain their coverage.

“Don’t panic,” stressed Dr. Gray. “This is a process. It’s incredibly important people stay tuned to communications from their state Medicaid agency.  It may be text message; it may be a phone call or a mailer in regard to this.”

Some states have already started the dis-enrollment process. Each state is different.

“There are millions of people across the nation who could lose their Medicaid coverage,” exclaimed Dr. Gray.

Renew your coverage if you are eligible. If you find out, you no longer qualify there are other options.

“For those who are employed they may be eligible for employer sponsored coverage.” stressed Dr. Gray.

It is important to you talk to your employer to find the best coverage.

”For those who are unemployed there are great place marketplace options,” shared Dr. Gray.

Each state has just one official marketplace for Medicaid, operated either by the state, the federal government, or both.

Kentucky’s site for Medicaid is You can also call kynect at 855-4kynect (855-459-6328).

For Hoosiers, you can go to

The Indiana Recipient Medicaid Hotline is 1-800-403-0864.

If you no longer qualify for Medicaid you can click on this link for marketplace plans that may cover you:

“People can get coverage as low as zero-dollar health plans if they qualify,” explained Dr. Gray. “Be responsive to that. You have a short time to respond.”

Everyone has 30 days to fill out your Medicaid forms.  If you do not fill out the form, the state will be able to remove you from Medicaid.

Anyone changing coverage will also need to check that their new insurance plans will still cover their doctors.