Louisville Metro EMS talks about safety during Derby Week

(Courtesy: WAVE 3 News)
Published: May. 3, 2023 at 4:05 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A main priority for Louisville Metro EMS during Derby Week is to make sure everyone not only has fun, but that they’re safe during all the excitement.

Deputy Director Jody Meiman shared information on how people can prepare and stay in the know during this week’s events.

“They can sign up for our LENS Alert, our Louisville Emergency Notification System,” Meiman said. “They can text ‘LENS Alert’ to 67283, and we actually create an opt in for visitors that come in from outside the city of Louisville. They can text ‘Derby” to 67283 to get notifications if they come to the Derby for any emergency or severe weather that may happen.”

Meiman also said he loves to see Louisville in the spotlight, but there is a lot of preparation that goes into keeping everyone safe.

“I love to see the city in the spotlight,” Meiman said. “This is a great time of year for us. There’s a lot of preparedness, a lot of work that goes into this with all the public safety agencies. We start the week after Derby and look at what went good, what went bad and what we can do to make next year better.”