Daniel Cameron wins Republican candidacy for Ky. governor

Daniel Cameron's victory speech after being named Ky. Republican governor candidate
Published: May. 16, 2023 at 7:14 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - In a widely contested race for the Republican candidacy, Daniel Cameron has won the primaries and will face off against incumbent Ky. governor Andy Beshear in November’s general elections.

Cameron is currently the commonwealth’s attorney general and was voted into the position in 2019, winning against Democratic opponent Greg Stumbo. He was appointed in the role in Dec. 2019 to fill Beshear’s vacancy who had been elected as Kentucky’s governor.

Election Results: Ky. 2023 Primaries

During a speech at Louisville’s Galt House, Cameron thanked his voters for their support as well as support from former president Donald Trump.

“A big thank you to President Donald J. Trump for his support and his endorsement of this campaign,” Cameron said. “Let me just say, the Trump culture of winning is alive and well in Kentucky.”

Cameron mentioned the importance of values in Kentucky, taking a shot at Beshear and saying the current governor believes those dreams and ideals are “old-fashioned.”

“The new religion of the left casts doubt on the greatness of America,” Cameron said. “They embrace a picture of this country and this commonwealth that is rooted in division, that is hostile to faith and that is committed to the erosion of the education system.”

Cameron said Beshear is “resigned to live in a commonwealth where violent crime is high and the workforce participation rate is low.”

“I’m here to tell you tonight that a governor who will not speak out on these issues and who will not stand up for your interests has abdicated his responsibility to the commonwealth and is not fit to lead it any longer,” Cameron said.

One of the big talking points for Cameron was the commonwealth’s response to the education system and the Department of Education’s hiring of Jason Glass as the Commissioner of Education.

“Now Mr. Glass recently said that any teacher who expressed concerns about the gender ideology curriculum that’s making its way into our schools, then that teacher should find another job,” Cameron said. “Jason Glass said that those hard-working teachers got to find another job because they won’t buy into the far left’s ideology.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, that’s not the right answer,” Cameron added. “The right answer is that Jason Glass and Andy Beshear need to find another job and we will help them do that in November.”

A total of 12 candidates were vying for the Republican nomination, including Kentucky agriculture commissioner Ryan Quarles, former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Kelly Craft, and Kentucky Auditor of Public Accounts Mike Harmon among others.

Craft gave a concession speech in Lexington shortly after Cameron was announced the winner of the Republican candidacy.

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Kelly Craft gives concession speech following 2023 Ky. Primaries

“It has not been a campaign, it has been a revival,” Craft said. “While I’m disappointed in tonight’s results, we must now come together united as one Republican party to defeat Andy Beshear in November. Because you know and I know Kentucky deserves better because Kentucky can do better.”

General election in Kentucky is scheduled to take place on Nov. 7.