Search warrants for Old National Bank shooting are unsealed

The warrants were under seal for 30 days prior to becoming public.
Published: May. 18, 2023 at 6:27 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - From the moment the reality of the tragedy at Old National Bank started settling in, detectives were on the search for answers.

LMPD’s Digital Forensics Unit immediately submitted search warrants for access into the shooter’s phone.

The warrants were under seal for 30 days prior to becoming public.

In the attached affidavits, they tell the judge they were looking for information that can help find out who was involved, a motive and details of the shooter’s plans.

The documents state that their preliminary investigation found digital footprints of the shooter’s plans and how to commit the crime.

The gunman had also talked about his mental health problems to his girlfriend and others. The court paperwork confirms the shooter had written a manifesto which was collected from his home as evidence.

That manifesto has not been released publicly, sparking theories and controversy.

LMPD explained there is a process they must follow for every case, including this one.

“The investigation into the Old National Bank shooting from 4-10-23 is still an open and active investigation,” LMPD said in a statement. “While we understand the public desire for further details it is important To protect and ensure the integrity of the investigation. This will be a slow process as far as information being released to the build as we want to ensure everything released us accurate and does not compromise anything within the investigation. Currently the FBI is assisting us with major portions of this investigation and we are unable to disclose specifics or provide any further comment at this time. We anticipate releasing more information to the public upon the completion of the investigation.”