Louisville family escapes disaster after bullet comes through their window

Mark Rich and his family were inches away from disaster after a bullet blasted through their window and into one of their pillows.
Published: May. 22, 2023 at 6:26 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A Louisville family had a brush with death after a bullet came flying through their window late last Monday.

The shooting happened at an apartment complex near Westport Road and Hurstbourne Parkway.

The bullet blasted into the couple’s room as they were in bed with their son and was later found in one of their pillows.

Mark Rich said his girlfriend was in bed feeding their son when she heard the shooting outside their window and she immediately took cover with the baby.

“At about 11:20, she just started screaming saying, ‘There’s gun shots outside of our window, get in the bathroom,’” Rich said.

After checking their surroundings outside and seeing nothing, the family went back to bed.

But shortly after Rich left for work the next morning, his girlfriend called him in a panic.

“She called me probably 15 minutes after I got there and was like, ‘You need to come back here, there’s a bullet hole in our window and it went through the headboard and I can’t find where it went,’” Rich said.

Rich said they called the police and he rushed home.

Officers were not able to locate the bullet, but did say eight calls were made from the neighborhood about gun shots.

Once officers left, Rich started cleaning up and made a discovery.

“I was making my bed back up and I saw a hole in my pillow and was like, ‘Well there’s no exit hole so it’s got to be in here,’” Rich shared. “So I cut it open and then there it was. Just sitting in the pillow right where I was sleeping.”

The bullet came so close that Rich even had a bruise despite never feeling the impact.

The bruise leaves a scary reminder of how close to tragedy they all were.

“Definitely, we got really lucky because she’s feeding him right next to me and... I don’t even know how I would feel if my son got hurt,” Rich said.

Rich said he got to keep the bullet and it now represents how truly lucky they got.

His family is still a little shaken up by the incident, so his girlfriend and his son are staying somewhere else until they feel more comfortable at home.

It is still an open and ongoing investigation.

Anyone with information is asked to call the anonymous Crime Tip Hotline at 574-LMPD or use the Online Crime Tip Portal.