Caught on camera: Thief steals guns from car in broad daylight

The guns were taken from a veterinarian's vehicle.
Published: May. 31, 2023 at 4:38 PM EDT

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A veterinarian working for clients with race horses at Churchill Downs was a victim of a burglary Saturday.

However, it didn’t happen at night.

A thief took advantage of an open car window in the bright afternoon sun.

After noon on Saturday, the vets at this practice are getting their trucks restocked.

People are in and out, but a two-minute lull was enough for one vet to get two handguns stolen.

“On a sunny day, they heat up a lot and we’re sitting, watching the races to see if anything happens,” Veterinarian Kevin Harbin said.

He’s ready to go at a moments notice. But on Saturday, security cameras captured a black Camaro parking next to one of the trucks he works out of.

“Black Camaro drove in and parked up next to my car,” Harbin said. “The guy just reached in and he was gone in about a minute and a half.”

Harbin had his window rolled down behind the office on Southern Parkway. Security footage shows a man reaching though the window, rifling through the console and hitting a jackpot.

“I was gonna go and assist one of the other doctors on a call, and I noticed there was something out of my console on the seat,” Harbin said.

The thief found two handguns and he was was gone in roughly two minutes.

“I certainly would have taken more precautions if I had any idea of how bold they could be,” Harbin said. “This time of day, we’re done with our morning work at the track. We’ve got techs working, stocking the truck, making sure we’ve got everything we need.”

LMPD said this is a recurring problem most police agencies have had for years.

Their crime map showed seven theft reports around the neighborhood in the last three months.

Harbin said he didn’t have the guns out in the open.

Regardless, he’s making a change following the theft.

“I’m investing in a safe to go inside the car, inside the console so I can keep that locked,” Harbin said.

LMPD urges people to lock their valuables up and keep them out of sight.

Harbin hopes the video will help lead to an arrest.