Body camera footage shows attempted murder defendant discussing Timothy McVeigh

Body camera footage shows murder defendant discussing Timothy McVeigh
Published: Jun. 20, 2023 at 5:43 PM EDT

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Hundreds of rounds of ammunition, body armor and a reference to a mass murderer.

That’s what Oldham County Police found when they arrested Kenneth Gregory for threatening to kill his family in late May.

They’ve released body camera footage. The video is, at moments, chilling.

Officers gingerly opening a trunk, discussing among themselves what Gregory told them.

Gregory said no matter what they did, he could always do something similar to the Oklahoma City bomber.

“Do not move or you will be shot,” ordered one of the officers as they detained Gregory.

The police confrontation with Gregory did not last long. He followed directions, but gave confusing answers at times to officers. For example, he said police should have found all his weapons.

“It should be or it is?” asked the officer.

“It is, the only weapons on me as long as I remember right, stressful situation, lots of weapons,” Gregory said.

LMPD had been called after Gregory FaceTimed his father in late May wearing body armor and loading rifle magazines threatening to kill his family.

Oldham County Police arrested Gregory after GPS located him near his father’s home. He was detained on a mental inquest warrant.

“I’m very confused on your all’s opinion about a mental health crisis,” Gregory said. “You can’t really stop someone from committing an act of violence, for say, if you were to take my weapons, I could always rent a UHaul and load it with explosives like Timothy McVeigh, I believe. It is the will to do harm against your own people that is the problem.”

Officers spent nearly an hour searching Gregory’s car and unloading magazine after magazine of AK-47 rounds. They counted 356 rounds contained within multiple 30 and 40-round magazines. They also found 34 rounds of pistol ammunition and body armor in Gregory’s trunk.

“There were plates in the back, I guess you got all those too, not really a weapon,” Gregory said.

“What level were they, three?” asked an officer.

“Four, in case you all decided to shoot at me with rifles,” Gregory said.

Gregory’s case is still ongoing.

He’s in jail charged with four counts of attempted murder.