Juvenile detention employee under investigation for alleged sexual acts with teen detainees

Juvenile detention employee under investigation for alleged sexual acts with teen detainees
Published: Aug. 8, 2023 at 8:53 PM EDT
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CAMPBELL COUNTY, Ky. (WAVE) - The list of problems at Kentucky’s Juvenile Detention facilities continues to grow as new allegations of sexual abuse and cover-ups surface.

WAVE News Troubleshooters confirmed Kentucky State Police are investigating allegations into a former corrections officer at the Campbell County facility.

The allegations accuse the officer, who was fired in June, of sexually assaulting more than one teenage detainee.

After a series of WAVE Troubleshooter investigations exposed riots, co-ed housing quarters, alleged abuse, rape and underage sex, the Campbell County Juvenile facility re-organized to house female detainees.

Investigations also revealed deplorable housing conditions at the Jefferson and Adair County facilities.

WAVE News Troubleshooters also exposed an alleged rape of a female teenage girl housed at Adair County’s juvenile detention center during one of the riots that occurred at the facility.

The Legislative Oversight and Investigations Committee initiated its own investigation, while other governmental bodies researched the conditions and called for the removal of the commissioner of the Department of Juvenile Justice, Vikki Reed.

Reed has maintained her position, appointed by Governor Andy Beshear.

The latest investigation involved multiple alleged underage victims sexually assaulted by one former employee, 29-year-old Neil Anthony Moorman.

According to multiple sources, Moorman was reported to the Department of Juvenile Justice for allegedly kissing a juvenile detainee and having been witnessed by a staff member.

More teenage girls started coming forward, sources said, telling staff members Moorman was behaving inappropriately.

Multiple sources told WAVE News Troubleshooters Moorman kept his job despite the allegations for weeks. Some of the allegations include groping and oral sex.

Morgan Hall, the Communications Director for Kentucky’s Justice and Public Safety Cabinet, confirmed Moorman was hired April 16, 2023, and graduated from the academy on May 19.

She stated the allegation was reported to the DJJ, and the Cabinet’s internal investigative branch on May 31.

He did not have access to the juvenile detainees from May 31 until he was fired on June 7, Hall said. She added the DJJ notified Kentucky State Police on May 31.

However, WAVE News Troubleshooters have learned that weeks before Hall said the DJJ and IBB were made aware, staff had already reported the kissing incident involving Moorman and their concerns about his behavior.

One of those concerns was talked about since mid-May when staff found “love letters” written by Moorman to several teen girls, sources said.

Hall responded with a subsequent email stating the executive staff was not made aware until May 31.

“The assistant superintendent of Campbell Juvenile Detention Center was reviewing video on May 31 when she saw two instances on May 23 and May 30, though inconclusive, that raised concerns,” Hall wrote. She stated KSP was contacted immediately.

Moorman has not been arrested or charged in relation to the allegations.

Kentucky State Police declined to provide details of the case but confirmed they did open an investigation.

WAVE News Troubleshooters spoke to Moorman directly. He declined to speak about the case or his thoughts about it. He did not deny knowing about the investigation but said he was not aware of its status.

The Campbell County facility is still in operation, though not at its full capacity.

“The Campbell Juvenile Detention Center is not closed,” Hall said. “Due to critical staffing levels, Campbell Juvenile Detention Center’s operations have been limited to accepting new female juvenile intakes, youths returning for court hearings, and operation of the female youth development center,” Hall wrote.

“The Department of Juvenile Justice is working hard to recruit and train adequate staff for Campbell County. Because of staffing concerns, females are currently housed at Boyd Juvenile Detention Center, and males have been moved to Breathitt Juvenile Detention Center. To keep all DJJ youth and staff safe and secure, males and females must remain separate.”

WAVE News has also reached out to Governor Andy Beshear’s office for comment. As of the release of this story, there’s been no response.