Indiana State Police raid former Clark County Sheriff Jamey Noel’s home, business

Troopers executed a search warrant at the home related to allegations of public corruption, fraud, tax evasion, ghost employment, and official misconduct.
Published: Aug. 17, 2023 at 10:52 AM EDT

JEFFERSONVILLE, Ind. (WAVE) - On the ground, sparks flew as Jeffersonville firefighters cut into two safes at former Clark County Sheriff Jamey Noel’s Jeffersonville home. Cash and boxes were seen from above inside with WAVE’s drone.

Out front, evidence bags and boxes were getting loaded into the back of a Indiana State Police truck. At the same time, search warrants were also served at New Chapel EMS fire stations, the company under Noel’s control as chief and CEO.

Indiana State Police are gathering evidence related to official misconduct, tax evasion, ghost employment, fraud, and public corruption.

Larry Wilder, Noel’s attorney, declined to comment about the raids. The Clark County Prosecutor’s Office has already asked for a special prosecutor. There is no word yet on who is handling the case or whether any of this evidence will lead to criminal charges.

But Noel, once the top law enforcement officer in Clark County, and career public servant serving as a fire chief and a state trooper, now stares down a public corruption investigation.

Jeffersonville firefighters cut into a safe outside of Jamey Noel's home.
Jeffersonville firefighters cut into a safe outside of Jamey Noel's home.(WAVE)

Current Clark County Sheriff Scottie Maples released a statement: “When the people of this county elected me Sheriff, I ordered a thorough review of the office, its budget, and much more. During that review, we uncovered evidence of troubling and potentially criminal behavior during the previous administration. Because no one is above the law, I referred the evidence we uncovered to the Indiana State Police to ensure an impartial and independent investigation.”

Noel’s interconnected roles as sheriff, county contractor, and GOP leader all appear to be under the microscope.

Multiple WAVE Troubleshooter investigations raised questions about a detective and former major posing as reporters and doing political work during a heated campaign.

His ambulance service struggles to meet its promised response times. We also found many elected leaders who approve his company’s contracts took thousands in donations from Noel or his family. Noel has denied using his connections and money to benefit himself or his company.

Noel replaced a sheriff brought down by prostitution and lies. Now his replacement may have found more problems with another former top cop in Clark County.