Dosker Manor residents complain of filthy living conditions

Residents complained of numerous problems to council members
Published: Aug. 23, 2023 at 5:28 PM EDT

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Residents living in the Dosker Manor apartments downtown next to University Hospital said their public housing is falling apart.

Metro Council members are now demanding Louisville Metro Housing take action to fix up the place.

Dosker Manor was built in 1968. It has 685 apartments and while the housing authority plans to pump more than $15 million into the complex, residents said it’s not enough.

“You got some mold in your bathroom?” Metro Council Member Tammy Hawkins asked a Dosker Manor resident.

She showed WAVE what several tenants reported to her. Damaged floors, damaged walls, an apartment complex in crisis.

“This is unacceptable,” Hawkins said. “I’ve witnessed mold in several units. I’ve witnessed roaches in several units. I’ve witnessed floors peeling up.”

She led a press conference with other council members calling on the Metro Housing Authority to fix these problems.

“At this point, the roaches might as well be helping pay the rent because they’re there as often as he is,” Council Member Jecorey Arthur said.

“Once you put in a maintenance request, how long did it take them to come fix it?” WAVE Reporter Mark Stevens asked.

“Uh whenever they decide to do it,” resident Mary Neafus said.

She said it took way too long to get water-damaged walls fixed next to her sink and shower, and they’re getting damaged again.

“The maintenance is the problem,” Neafus said. “They don’t want to fix nothing.”

The Housing Authority plans to spend $15 million on the complex, partly to replace water and sewer lines in up to 90 apartments.

Executive director Lisa Osanka sent WAVE an email saying they received seven complaints last Friday of mold.

“The mission of Louisville Metro Housing Authority (LMHA) is to set a standard of operational excellence in providing quality, affordable housing opportunities for residents to achieve self-sufficiency and an enhanced quality of life, and collaborating with community partners to build strong, viable neighborhoods.

The Louisville Metro Housing Authority Property Management team operates almost 2,800 units and strives to maintain all these units to the local Property Maintenance Code as well as the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s inspection standards. In addition, about 1,000 units are managed by third-party Property Managers which are held to these same standards.

Last Friday (August 18th, 2023) LMHA received notice of concerns at seven specific units at the 685-unit Dosker Manor apartments. All seven expressed concerns of possible mold and two expressed concerns about bugs.

While previously unreported to Property Management, stated concerns about mold in three units were received by LMHA that Friday. Earlier this week LMHA Property Maintenance staff inspected the units and arranged for LMHA’s environmental testing consultant to test those units this Friday, August 25th.

LMHA Property Maintenance staff inspected three additional units and no indicators of mold were identified.

The final unit had previously been tested for mold and the environmental testing consultant recommended the resident be temporarily relocated for one day for an abatement contractor to remediate the unit. Property Management is currently making arrangements with that one tenant to schedule this temporary relocation.

In addition, LMHA licensed Exterminators attempt to inspect every unit on a quarterly basis. In the two units that complained of bugs last Friday only minor indications of bugs were identified, and proper treatment was provided and follow-up will be scheduled as needed. LMHA schedules quarterly inspections of units by exterminators because we know that preventive efforts in partnership with residents is key in addressing pests.

We encourage any LMHA resident with property maintenance concerns to directly report their concerns right away so work orders can be completed. For Dosker Manor residents the number to call for all work orders during business hours, after hours, as well as emergencies is 502-569-4818.”

Council members said the Housing Authority has been complacent for far too long.

“We have a right and an expectation government will fulfill those commitments here to these people and to people across our community who are facing similar circumstances,” Council Member Ben Reno Webber said.

The most recent inspection for Dosker Manor shows it passed with a score of 77 out of 100, however, it had failed three out of five inspections in the last decade.