Louisville community called to action to help solve shooting investigations

Louisville community called to action to help solve shooting investigations
Published: Aug. 29, 2023 at 12:49 AM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Louisville police are asking the community for help to find any suspects from Sunday’s mass shooting.

LMPD said they believe 200 to 300 people were around the scene when shots were fired early Sunday morning and are asking those who saw anything to contact them.

They made the same call to action back in April at the Chickasaw Park mass shooting, but no arrests have been made.

District 1 Metro Council Member Tammy Hawkins says community involvement is key to help LMPD solve these cases, but she believes threats of retaliation are what’s making people hesitant.

One organization believes they can develop a plan to help resolve some of the reluctance to come forward.

Three mass shootings have happened in Louisville in the last four months.

The gunman involved in the Old National Bank mass shooting was shot and killed, but the mass shootings at Chickasaw Park and Southern Restaurant & Lounge are still not solved.

Hundreds of people were around during these mass shootings, but few are coming forward to help police find the shooter.

District 1 Metro Council member Tammy Hawkins shares why she feels this is the case.

“In every case, we know that there is always someone watching, someone with their phone out and things of that nature,” Hawkins said. “So we are well aware that people did see not just this incident but several incidents. But people don’t want to be labeled rats.”

Hawkins says she feels the fear of retaliation from territorial gangs also has an impact on witnesses coming forward but says LMPD can’t solve these cases without help.

“United you stand, divided we fall,” Hawkins said. “If we don’t come together collectively as a city, to help solve some of these issues, we can’t continue to put the blame on LMPD.”

One group is calling on the community to step up in other ways.

The Curbing Gun Violence in Jefferson County Competition is asking people to share their ideas on how to prevent gun violence and is offering a $7,000 prize to the winner.

“We want your ideas! Big ideas, small ideas, new ideas or twists on an old idea is just fine,” explained Curbing Gun Violence in Jefferson County Competition Co-chair Jane Emke. “We just want to reduce gun violence by just a smidge.”

Emke started the competition back in July after she noticed a violent crime spike and now wants to do what she can to help make a difference.

“It hurts my heart,” Emke said. “We got to find a solution and we need to all work together.”

The Curb Gun Violence Competition is open until Midnight on October 4 and has 15 different judges for the competition.

To find out how to submit ideas, click or tap here.