Louisville Urban League asks judge to dismiss Kish Cumi Price lawsuit

The judge did not hear any specific parts of Cumi Price's claims against the Louisville Urban League
Published: Aug. 31, 2023 at 5:07 PM EDT

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Former Louisville Urban League Executive Director Kish Cumi Price has her first day in court against her former employer.

Cumi Price sued after she was fired four months into the job. She argued she was fired after uncovering wrongdoing and trying to fix it.

The case did not get into any of the meat of her claims though.

At this stage of the case, the Louisville Urban League is trying to get Cumi Price’s lawsuit tossed out of court. They argue her claims don’t have any basis in state law.

Cumi Price’s lawyer argued the exact opposite.

He said the case should move forward because she was fired for trying to fix wrongdoing she uncovered in the organization’s finances.

“There is not only no basis for this case to proceed but it would be detrimental to the Leagues work in the community and all the people it serves,” Louisville Urban League Attorney Alina Klimkina said.

“You can’t fire Dr. Price because she’s trying to do the right thing,” Thomas Coffey said. “You can’t do that, and you’re absolutely right your honor they’ve never articulated why they fired her after four months.”

The judge did not say when she might issue a ruling, but she did acknowledge any ruling of hers will likely be appealed to a higher court.

If the case is allowed to go to trial, the court would get into the meat of the issues raised by Cumi Price.