Bullitt County man set to face grand jury after being charged with murder

A judge has moved to bound David Beck to a grand jury after a preliminary hearing accusing him of murdering Roy Brown by car on Aug. 23.
Published: Aug. 31, 2023 at 9:39 PM EDT|Updated: Aug. 31, 2023 at 10:56 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A man accused of murder appeared in Bullitt County District Court Thursday for what may have been a road rage incident but his lawyer said may have been self-defense.

A police report said that 52 year old David Beck ran over 33 year old Roy Brown on Aug. 23.

Police said Brown pulled in front of Beck’s car, got out, and walked toward him. Then Beck hit the gas and hit him.

Tensions were high in Bullitt County District Court Thursday as the family of Brown waited to see if his alleged murderer would face a grand jury. Several members of Brown’s family were in court Thursday for the preliminary hearing of the man they said they believe should be charged with murdering their loved one.

During the hearing, the state called 12 year veteran detective Sgt. David Kron to the stand to testify about what happened the day of Aug. 23 that left Brown dead.

Kron said Beck was on his way to work and footage from his dash cam showed him in an irritated state and cursing at drivers on the road. Brown’s vehicle can later be seen entering the frame at a light and was later said to be behind Beck as they were going in the same direction.

Kron then said Brown attempted to pass Beck on the left side of the road as Beck attempted to turn right. Just as Brown was set to pass, the detective said Beck jerked into the left lane forcing Brown to swerve to avoid him. Beck then turned into his job’s parking lot at Arvato where Brown followed him, got in front of Beck’s vehicle, and hit the brakes forcing both drivers to stop.

Brown got out of his car and Kron broke down what happened next.

“Almost simultaneously as Mr. Brown exits his vehicle, Mr. Beck puts his car in reverse,” Kron said. “Mr. Brown gets to approximately six to seven feet behind his truck and then at that point Mr. Beck puts his vehicle into forward driving position and drives to hit Mr. Brown.”

Brown died about an hour later at UofL Hospital.

Beck’s attorney later countered by asking about Brown’s state when he got out of his vehicle.

“So Mr. Brown was approaching Mr. Beck’s car in a threatening manner, throwing fingers, had his hands up, and he was screaming at him, correct?” Beck’s attorney Joe Blanford asked.

“That’s your opinion, yes,” Kron said.

“You’ve seen the video of it, so I’m just simply asking,” Blanford said.

“He looks mad,” Kron said. “I don’t know if you could consider that threatening, but he does look upset.”

Detective Kron said that another witness at the scene came up to Beck and told him that he didn’t have to run Brown over. He said Beck’s response was that he had to do “whatever it takes.”

Kron also said Beck had plenty of room to avoid Brown on the street.

“There was no one behind them as well,” Kron said. “There was plenty of room behind and to the left and the right to avoid this.”

Kron said he believes the evidence proves motive.

“I believe that the evidence clearly shows that Mr. Beck didn’t make an attempt to avoid Mr. Brown,” Kron said. “And on August 23rd, 2023 at approximately 8 a.m., he intentionally hit Mr. Brown, ultimately causing his death.”

The judge did find there was enough evidence to send David Beck in front of a grand jury.

Brown’s family and their attorneys said they have no statement at this time.