Fundraiser held for Bullitt County EMT injured in ambulance crash involving a semi

Dozens gathered at the Bullitt County Fairgrounds for a fundraiser for Gary Lyons, an EMT that was injured in a June ambulance crash.
Published: Sep. 9, 2023 at 11:38 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - People in Bullitt County have come together to help a man who dedicated his life to helping others.

EMT Gary Lyons was hurt when someone crashed into the ambulance he was inside.

Lyons was taking care of a patient in the back of the ambulance when a semi-truck crashed into it.

Saturday, dozens of people gathered to raise money to help him recover.

For a man who has spent his whole life taking care of others and nursing them back to health, the community says this time they got him.

Lyons is in the hospital still recovering from severe injuries from his crash.

The injuries were so bad that his son-in-law said he wasn’t sure he would come back from them.

“A lot of us, unfortunately, didn’t think he was going to make it,” Eric Kerr said. “But to see where he’s come since then, it’s night and day.”

Since the incident, the community has wrapped their arms around the Lyons family.

First with a siren parade for his birthday, and now Saturday a fundraiser in his honor.

From a car show to a silent auction, vendors and bands, the event organizers wanted to ensure there was something for everybody and money could be raised for a good cause.

“It helps the community heal,” event organizer and Code EMS Peer Support Founder Angie Estes said. “And as a first responder family, it helps them heal as well and let them know the sacrifices and the job they do is not in vain.”

Sacrifices that can be life-threatening. So to show their support, dozens gathered at the Bullitt County Fairgrounds to give back.

A gesture that can be hard for those so used to giving, but Bullitt County EMS Deputy Director Rebekah Osman said Lyons is taking it in stride.

“He is such a character,” Osman said. “He is just a fantastic funny, sweet, awesome guy and yeah it’s been a challenge, but he appreciates everything that everyone has done and is overwhelmed and amazed.”

Acts of kindness from a community that seems to always show up for those who show up for them.

“Events like this obviously help Gary and his family, but it’s going to bring awareness to the EMS world if you will,” car show organizer Jim Caskey said. “They don’t get a lot of attention, and they deserve a lot for what they do everyday.”

”You know he can’t work anymore and these days you got to have that paycheck,” Kerr said. “You got to have that income coming in and it will help greatly. Believe me.”

All proceeds from Saturday’s event are going towards Gary Lyons and his family.