Bond reduced by half million for teen accused of killing another at JCPS bus stop

The judge reduced the bond for Demaurion Moore from $750,000 to $250,000
Published: Sep. 14, 2023 at 6:03 PM EDT

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - One of the teens charged in connection with killing a JCPS teenager waiting for the school bus back in 2021 had his bond reduced by half a million dollars.

Demaurion Moore has been indicted as an adult.

He had a $750,000 bond after being brought to juvenile court for the seventh time on a new charge.

His attorney argued the bond should be reduced to a smaller amount and allow him to post 10% of the bond only.

“They are in most, if not all, respects identically situated,” Defense Attorney Michael Ferraraccio said.

Demaurion Moore is charged with being complicit to murder in the death of JCPS student Tyree Smith in September 2021.

Ferraraccio asked for a smaller amount in line with Moore’s co-defendant, Mekhi Cable.

“Reducing it to $500,000 (and posting) 10% is sufficient to ensure he abides by all court orders,” Ferraraccio said.

The prosecutor argued against any reduction.

“Is it on the high-end? Yes,” Prosecutor Ryane Conroy said. “Is he deserving of it? The Commonwealth believes yes.”

She argued Moore’s lengthy juvenile history shows he’s a risk to the public.

“The JCPS bus stop shooting, which was the first murder, happened in September 2021,” Conroy said. “Well prior to that in March of 2021, Demaurion Moore has been indicted for shooting at the same individual that was standing at the bus stop on the day in September.”

Judge Tracy Davis decided to reduce the bond by a half million dollars.

“I do believe the $750,000 is on the high end of impossibility,” Davis said. “I do believe you deserve a bond that is substantial.”

Moore’s $250,000 bond will still need to be fully paid to get him out of a youth detention center. If it’s posted, he’ll be put on home incarceration with no releases.

“I’m nice until I’m not,” Davis said. “And you do not want to see me not nice, because as nice as I can be 25 times more strict.”

Moore and Cable will be back in court in November.

Their trial is set to begin in April.