Day one of Louder Than Life attracts thousands of people from across the country

Thousands of people from across the country congregate to Louisville to experience Louder Than Life.
Published: Sep. 21, 2023 at 7:45 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - The festivities continue at the Kentucky Expo Center Thursday as Louder Than Life kicks off day one.

More than 100,000 people are expected to fill the grounds through the weekend to check out their favorite bands including Weezer and Foo Fighters.

Walking around the Expo grounds, attendees can see that the festival’s name is fitting because it’s hard to hear themselves think, but for most people that may be the point.

Louder than Life gives people four days to shut off the outside and just enjoy one of life’s greatest pleasures, music.

”We’re just excited to be here and have a good time,” Monroe, Ohio natives Rick and Mary Barnett said.

Thursday marked day one for Louder Than Life and people from all walks of life gathered for a shared love for music.

“I think it’s just the different music! Everybody gets to experience something new and it’s just a great experience,” the Barnetts said. “Music for sure. Music always brings people together.”

With more than 100 acts scheduled across the four days, Louder Than Life boasts bands that some people wait their whole lives to see.

So for Mackenzee Wiggins and Mary Nix, it makes their 12-hour drive from Mississippi worth the journey.

“There’s so many bands that don’t really come down to where we live,” Wiggins said. “So a lot of it has to do with that and just the line-up is just so stacked with all the different bands here.”

Even if you’re not just there for the music, fans say there’s plenty to eat, drink and, of course, great people watching.

Julie Kunz is a Kalamazoo, Michigan native and said she’s been going to Louder Than Life for five years. For her, it’s just a chance to step away from reality.

“The bands, the music and just my break from my family until this year,” Kunz said. “It’s my six days of just decompressing with very loud and heavy music.”

Whatever the reason may be, folks can agree that this four-day festival gives them a chance to just be themselves.

”With so many different bands, so many people have like different styles, different likes of music,” Nix said. “So I get told all the time that I don’t look like I listen to heavy metal, but I love it.”

Louder Than Life said they’re expecting more than 180,000 people over the next four days and hope the visitors and locals get a chance to literally feel the music.

The festivities are set to end on Sunday.

If you’re interested in purchasing tickets, you can visit their website by clicking or tapping here.