Fans rave about Louder Than Life as the event caps 2 weeks of music festivities

Fans at the last day of Louder Than Life break down how they felt about the four day festival.
Published: Sep. 25, 2023 at 12:00 AM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Excitement filled up the Kentucky Expo Center the last two weekends and was capped off Sunday night by a triumphant final day of Louder Than Life.

Louder Than Life representatives say the festival saw more than 180,000 people over the four-day span and their energy never let up.

Now that the festival has come to a close, people are starting to reminisce about why they think it was so great. regardless of why they decided to show up, what people can seem to agree on is that moments in time like these can make life worthwhile.

Louder Than Life had more than 100 bands performing on five different stages, so it makes sense that more than 40,000 fans a day were entering the Kentucky Expo Center.

Danny Wimmer Presents Chief Marketing Officer Chamie McCurry said they wanted the event to be a treat for anyone who came.

“There really is something for everyone. I mean this community really is impactful and special to each other,” McCurry said. “There’s so much kindness out there and they really care about each other, and you know it’s really unique.”

For Louisville native Maria Klein, fun means getting herself acquainted with the mosh pit.

“I have so much fun here,” Klein shared. “I like to crowd-surf and get in the mosh pits so that’s my thing.”

Even local celebrities couldn’t help but check out what the festival had to offer.

Freya the Slaya and Al Snow star in the Netflix Documentary “Wrestlers”, which showcases the Ohio Valley Wrestling scene, but even they couldn’t help but get excited about the lineup.

“Oh man Pantera was amazing last night and so was Avenge Sevenfold,” Freya the Slaya said. “But tonight I’m super excited for Run The Jewels. Huge Killer Mike fan.”

They say events like this highlight what Louisville is all about and give Al Snow a chance to brag about his city when he travels the world.

“The one thing I love about Louisville is that it’s just big enough to where there’s always something to do, you know?” Al Snow said. “And yet it’s not too big to where it’s overwhelming, and you got to plan your life around traffic, and it still has its own identity.”

However, it’s more than just locals. People from all 50 states and 30 different countries came out to enjoy the festivities.

Dylan and Rose Marie Quiros traveled from upstate New York just for one day to check out their favorite band Green Day.

It’s an experience that has helped Dylan overcome some daily struggles.

“I have, you know, anxiety, and this has helped me feel so much better being here and being around all this positive energy and all the rock n’ roll vibes and I just can’t wait to see Green Day you know,” Quiros said. “I just love being at this concert and this festival, it’s just amazing.”

It was a dream come true for Dylan to experience this festival before September Ends, but his mom is just glad it’s an environment he can thrive in.

“People are really giving off some good energy and the bands, all the bands, it’s just really fantastic,” Rose Marie said.

McCurry said that the dates for Louder Than Life 2024 have already been set and the tickets go on sale starting Friday.

More than 300,000 people combined to enter Louder Than Life and Bourbon and Beyond over a two-week span.