Troubleshooters: Death of 13-year-old launched investigation into Jamarcus Glover

Troubleshooters: Death of 13-year-old launched investigation into Jamarcus Glover
Published: Oct. 2, 2023 at 6:31 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - The latest criminal investigation involving Jamarcus Glover began after the overdose of a 13-year-old in St. Matthews, WAVE News Troubleshooters have confirmed.

Police said the girl overdosed on fentanyl they believe Glover was selling and had at his apartment.

“To say that it’s sad that a 13-year-old child and that’s what it is is a child, could end up being a victim of this,” St. Matthews Major Eddie Jones said. “With narcotics and fentanyl? It’s sad. It’s sad.”

Glover was charged Saturday after an early morning drug raid at a home on Taylor Boulevard. The sting included agencies like the SWAT team, LMPD, the DEA and the ATF.

“Our job here in St. Matthews with the police department is to enforce the laws of Kentucky,” Jones said. “I feel like that’s what we did in this instance.”

At the time of his arrest on Saturday, Glover was on probation after being convicted in December 2021 on trafficking charges.

“I’ve never seen a PSI that says things about somebody like, ‘an ongoing escalating pattern of criminal activity, displays no fear of repercussions, appears to have consciously chosen a criminal lifestyle,’” Judge Mitch Perry said during a hearing. “They’re talking about you, Mr. Glover.”

Glover’s attorney pleaded with Perry to allow him to move to his home state of Mississippi. His attorney told the judge it was hard for Glover to find a job in Louisville.

“It brings closure to this case,” Glover’s attorney said. “It brings closure to this city, honestly.”

Perry gave him 120 days to move to Mississippi, five years of probation and seven years in prison if he broke the terms.

“Because if you’re back here and try to explain to me why I should take another chance on you in the future, that’s highly unlikely,” Perry said.

Jones claimed none of that mattered to Glover.

“He was supposed to have full-time employment,” Jones said. “He hasn’t worked. He’s been around narcotics, he’s been around firearms, all of which are violations of his probation.”

Despite Perry’s warning, Glover was granted a $20,000 bond. His bond was quickly paid and Glover was released from LMDC on Sunday.