Troubleshooters: Mother of 13-year-old who overdosed helped bail Jamarcus Glover out

Troubleshooters: Mother of 13-year-old who overdosed helped bail Jamarcus Glover out
Published: Oct. 9, 2023 at 8:28 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - One of the people who bailed Jamarcus Glover out of jail after the overdose death of a 13-year-old girl, was the teen’s own mother.

WAVE Troubleshooters learned the mother of the girl paid $3,200 dollars towards Glover’s bond hours after he was arrested in a drug sting by St. Matthews Police on Oct. 1st. Another woman and a man paid the remaining amount of the $20,000 bond.

Troubleshooters were able to confirm the connection after obtaining copies of bond paperwork, talking to sources, and cross-referencing other records. Glover has been on the run since being bailed out.

On Monday, Jefferson County Circuit Judge Jessica Green added to his growing problems.

“Based upon Mr. Glover’s failure to appear, I am going to issue a $50,000 bench warrant for his arrest,” Green said during a brief hearing.

Last week, Troubleshooters uncovered it wasn’t a judge who set Glover’s $20,000 dollar bond but rather a trial commissioner.

The appointed position was created decades ago to help counties with only one district judge.

Although bond hearings are supposed to be public, people still don’t know why his bond was set at that amount or any details about what happened.

Sources told WAVE News the trial commissioner was not informed by the pretrial services officer that Glover was on probation.

Overnight bond hearings are not recorded, and Troubleshooters have yet to get basic answers to which the public is entitled to know about the proceeding.

The Administrative Office of the Courts, or AOC, said they have been working on getting answers. As of Monday, there has been no specific information made available.

Several calls and an in-person visit to Jefferson County District Court Chief Judge Jessica Moore have all gone unanswered.

A $20,000 bond for similar drug charges is actually higher than what some actual judges would have given Glover.

It’s the process Troubleshooters are investigating to find out how it works, if mistakes were made, and why public bond hearings are happening in the dark. We hope to provide answers from the AOC soon.

As for Glover, police say he could face additional charges in relation to the child’s death.