2 arrested following JCPS bus fights

Two teens were arrested following chaos on a JCPS bus
Published: Oct. 12, 2023 at 4:54 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Fights, weed, and absolute chaos. That’s how the bus driver, the police, and the transportation staff described an incident on one of the JCPS buses Wednesday.

Two men were arrested for struggling with police trying to maintain order.

Police tried to restore order on the bus after removing two students requested by the driver. It lasted seven minutes.

First the driver and then JCPS transportation staff called St. Matthews Police for help Wednesday.

“I have bus 843 that is out of Westport Middle School, the bus is completely out of control can’t be maneuvered safely,” said a transportation staff member.

Police dash cam video showed the bus parked at the former Goodyear on Shelbyville Road in St. Matthews. Some students get off the bus. And the video picks up one of the officers trying to restore order on the bus.

“Hey, I need everyone to listen to me right now, so sit down, and shut up, and listen to what I have to say,” shouted the officer.

The students listened but peace lasted about seven minutes before the officers were dispatched again... across the street.

“The bus driver had intended to go to Westport, but she’s pulling back up in front of Marshall’s,” radioed a dispatcher.

Parents had been showing up to get their kids.

Video captured by a parent and posted to Facebook shows two teenage family members who began fighting with police as they were trying to get them to leave. One officer body slams one of the teens to the ground.

They arrested Terrance Bevly and Nicolas Byrd for resisting arrest.

Bevly posted his $2,500 bond. Byrd is out on his own promise to return to court.

JCPS said its investigating the incident and has relieved the bus driver of her dri ving duties for now.

The district referred WAVE to its student behavior handbook outlining the bus suspensions it can impose on riders. However, whether any student is disciplined is secret.