Former coaches of Brandon Pfaadt talk about his upcoming World Series debut

Louisville native Brandon Pfaadt will take the field in game three of the World Series on Monday and his former coaches say they're proud of his success.
Published: Oct. 30, 2023 at 12:20 AM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - With the World Series underway, all eyes are on the matchup between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Texas Rangers.

However for folks in Louisville, there’s a special connection.

Louisville native Brandon Pfaadt will make his World Series debut on Monday.

He was a star pitcher at Trinity High School and Bellarmine University and his coaches said they’re proud of his success.

Pfaadt made his major league debut just 5 months ago as a rookie, and now he’s gearing up to play in the biggest game of his life.

This might be a tall task for most, but his high school and college coaches say he’s built for this moment.

Playing in the World Series is a dream that every young baseball player has. For the Arizona Diamondbacks rookie pitcher Brandon Pfaadt, his dream started right in Louisville where he thrived in all levels.

A dream he made a reality in just one year in the pros.

“To do what he’s done, not just make his major league debut this year but to go on and now the whole world gets to see what he’s doing and what he’s done,” Pfaadt’s former Bellarmine Head Baseball Coach Larry Owens said.

Pfaadt spent three years at Bellarmine where Owens said he showed the potential to be a pro-level pitcher.

A position his coach said you have to have a certain make-up to excel at.

“Is he going to work at it, can he handle adversity, what kind of teammate is he? You know what kind of person is her, what kind of decisions does he make on and off the field,” Owens said. “Everything ties into what he is and his make-up and what he’s made up.”

It’s a make-up that has allowed him major league success.

He made his professional debut on May 3rd and then showed great moxie in his performances in games three and seven of the National League Division Series where he only gave up a combined two runs in both games, which led to huge wins for his team.

He kept a stoic demeanor that his Trinity High School coach says they preach in their program.

“He didn’t just go out and throw,” Trinity High School Head Baseball Coach Rick Arnold said. “He went out and pitched because he wanted to know how to pitch, and he listened and was so coachable and such a hard worker that you can say something to him, and he was on it immediately until he perfected it.”

Getting to the World Series is an accomplishment of its own but Pfaadt gets to play in it.

For those who have never seen him play, Arnold shared what to expect.

“They’re going to see a big strapping, strong pitcher that has composure,” Arnold said. “And he is going to do his job no matter what that job is.”

His success can be a motivator for Louisville youth to show that if they work hard enough, it is possible for them to make it too.

“It’s not impossible,” Owens said. “So I think that it’s an important message for kids in the area that really love to play the game that it can happen to you. Don’t think that it can’t because it can.”

Pfaadt is expected to start and pitch in game 3 on Monday in Arizona and his family and Coach Arnold are expected to attend.