Meet the Gubernatorial Candidates: Daniel Cameron

Current Attorney General Daniel Cameron wants to unseat Andy Beshear
Published: Oct. 31, 2023 at 3:40 PM EDT
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Daniel Cameron has already won more votes than Andy Beshear in a statewide race. That was four years ago in his race for Kentucky Attorney General.

Now he’s trying to repeat that margin as he tries to oust Beshear from the Governor’s office.

Daniel Cameron is barnstorming the state, taking a bus tour to sell voters on his closing message in the final week of this hotly contested campaign for Governor.

“We can make sure that this Commonwealth is a shining city on a hill, that it is a model and an example for the rest of the nation,” Cameron said.

He offers a traditional conservative platform to voters. He’s able to make a personal connection to voters too, pointing out he has a young son he wants to grow up in good schools with traditional values.

“We’ve got a 21-month-old, and we want to make sure the Commonwealth is the best and brightest for him,” Cameron said.

Cameron supports Kentucky’s abortion ban, although said in a radio interview he would sign a bill to increase exceptions if the supermajority Republican legislature sends him one. He wants to keep transgender children off sports teams of the opposite sex and wants to eliminate the state’s income tax.

He is running as hard against President Joe Biden as he is against incumbent Andy Beshear.

“This is a race about crazy versus normal, and I think it’s crazy to have a governor who openly endorses Joe Biden,” Cameron said.

His campaign ignored WAVE News’ requests to have a sit-down interview with Cameron, but he made himself available as he began his bus tour.

“It’s time for a governor who’s going to make sure we have a world-class education system, who’s going to support our teachers not only in word but in action,” Cameron said.

Cameron would break a historic barrier, becoming the first Black Governor of Kentucky if elected. But it’s his message of traditional values he is selling most to voters.

“This is about values, about eliminating Kentucky’s income tax, about making sure that you have leadership in this state that pushes forward values that have propelled this nation since its very inception,” Cameron said.

Cameron won 113,000 more votes in his statewide race than Andy Beshear four years ago.

Beshear only won his race by more than 5,000 votes.