Lexington, Louisville for Palestine groups rally at Capitol

Pro-Palestine groups rally outside state capitol
Published: Nov. 7, 2023 at 11:32 PM EST
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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - In the weeks since war broke out between Israel and Hamas, protests for the Palestinian people have popped up in both Lexington and Louisville. But this Election Day, in the shadow of the state capitol, Kentuckians for Palestine gathered in great numbers to continue their calls for justice and peace.

“The plight of the Palestinian people is disheartening; we demand a ceasefire in Gaza now!” said one speaker.

Chants of “Free, free Palestine” rung out between the Capitol and its Annex. Sprawled out on the Capitol Annex lawn, performing what they called a “die out”, these protestors offered a window into the rising civilian death toll in the Middle East.

“To eat, to breathe, to say I love you, to be happy,” said Jenna Shalash, a member of Lexington for Palestine. “They miss out on that, and we have that privilege.”

A month on from the start of this deadly and devastating war, they want to effect change from here in the commonwealth. So Tuesday, they protested with their voices and their ballots.

“I think being here on Election Day is going to show that if you do not support us, we will not support you,” Shalash said.

Shalash led the rally Tuesday, saying candidates on both sides have let down the Palestinian population in Kentucky.

“So, the people that went to vote today put down, under governor, we wrote ‘other’ and wrote ‘Free Palestine’ because we refuse to vote for somebody that does not represent us,” said Shalash.

She says their efforts will continue later this week, shifting focus to show the influence they can have on the state’s economy and schools.

“Do not buy anything on Thursday. If you can get out of school, do not attend. If you can get out of work, get out of work.”