Family friend remembers Bullitt County boys shot, and killed in their home

Talia Crutcher says her kids have played with the Howard boys for years and says she can't fathom that they're gone.
Published: Nov. 12, 2023 at 12:03 AM EST
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - Tiffanie Lucas is being charged for the murder of her two sons.

A crime that has shaken a community and now those who are close to her are trying to make sense of it.

”How did you, the person that’s supposed to protect your kids, be the person who hurt them,” said family friend Talia Crutcher.

Still in disbelief, Crutcher says she has so many questions she wants to ask Lucas, her friend of about four years.

Crutcher says her son and daughter loved playing with Lucas’ boys who she identified as Jayden and Maurice “Peanut” Howard and says she still can’t wrap her head around the fact they are gone.

What were once fond moments, have now become hurtful memories after Jayden and Peanut were shot and killed at their Bullitt County home on Wednesday, Nov. 8th.

A crime their mother, 32 year-old Tiffanie Lucas, is accused of doing and news Crutcher says she couldn’t grasp.

“I was very confused and shocked and I just couldn’t believe it like we were literally just together and everything was good,” Crutcher said.

Just over a week before the shooting, Crutcher says Tiffanie and the boys were at her house for a Halloween Party.

She described Jayden and Peanut as well mannered, sweet and funny boys who were inseparable and she says Lucas’ parenting qualities were something she admired.

“How she was on Facebook is how she treated them in real life,” Crutcher explained. “She constantly, everyday told them they were kings and reminded them of how loved they are and how special they are.”

Unfortunately, Talia says that outside of her being a mother, there was a darker side to her she didn’t get along with too well.

“She’s very, she goes off very fast, very fast. Like she’ll get mad and flip a switch,” described Crutcher. “And I hate that for the boys because they probably got the firsthand of everything you know and saw everything.”

Crutcher says the toughest part for her is watching her children mourn.

She says her kids loved playing with Jayden and Peanut so knowing they’re gone is something they’re having trouble coming to grips with.

“My daughter was mad. They were both mad and we went out to eat and that’s when it hit my son. He was trying to say something about Jayden and he couldn’t event talk,” Crutcher explained. “And he was trying hard, very hard and it took him a while and he had to write it down and he still was upset. He busted out crying and that was the first time I’ve really seen him cry.”

And while she tries to stay strong, she admits it’s been hard to keep herself together but she vows to always be there for her kids and do whatever she can to remember Jayden and Peanut.

“I’m just going to keep on trying and keep their names alive and definitely do what we can to honor them and show them that we love them,” Crutcher said.

The journey to honor them will start for Crutcher and her family tomorrow as they plan to be a part of the vigil at Little Flock Baptist Church to honor both Jayden and Maurice “Peanut” Howard.

That event will start at 5 p.m.