Troubleshooters: Former LMPD officer gets awarded large sum after reporting one of their own

Jason Moseley was awarded $453,000 Thursday by a jury.
Published: Nov. 13, 2023 at 7:40 PM EST
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LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WAVE) - A former LMPD Officer wins a verdict after coming forward against one of the department’s own.

Jason Moseley was awarded $453,000 Thursday by a jury.

Moseley sued LMPD and his former Sergeant, Anthony Doninger for retaliation for reporting a fellow detective in the department’s Sex Crimes Unit.

“He went from this rising star, police officer, former Marine, to losing everything,” Moseley’s Attorney, David Yates, told WAVE News.

Moseley claimed he was ostracized, kicked out of the unit and harassed. The seasoned detective who worked for the SWAT Team and the FBI on human trafficking cases was sent back to working the streets as a beat cop.

The lawsuit was filed in Aug. 2021. It states an alleged victim told Moseley another detective had sexually assaulted her.

Moseley wrote up the incident and reported it to his superiors.

“In an effort to do that, his career got destroyed,” Yates’s Co-Council, Thomas Coffey, said.

The lawsuit states Doninger was friends with the accused detective and previously rode the beat together. It was Doninger who Moseley said began discrediting his work, demoted him and pushed him to resign.

“He made sure there was going to be oversight, be accountability, and there was a lot of people that weren’t happy about that,” Yates said.

Yates said there was a difference this time around when other officers called to say Moseley did the right thing. It was something Yates didn’t notice in years past when it seemed like the blue code was never broken.

“There’s hope,” Yates said. “That’s a testament to the majority of good officers on the department.”

“Anyone looking at what Jason did was going to look at it and say that’s the kind of officer, that’s the kind of detective, that we want on LMPD, that we’re proud of,” Coffey added.

The officer accused of the sexual assault still works for LMPD. WAVE News Troubleshooters have reached out to the department to find out his and Doninger’s status.